Encouraging Diverse Perspectives

Encouraging Diverse Perspectives
Codesmith aims to create a space where people from all walks of life feel welcome, have equal opportunity, and can freely represent themselves and their backgrounds.

Analytical problem solving, which is the ability to break down complex challenges and develop strategies to solve problems, is a huge part of software engineering. Problem solving is highly affected by our past experiences and knowledge. There are some techniques to improve your problem solving skills, but for the most part, the way we approach hitting blocks and how we think outside the box is influenced by what we have learned throughout our lives.

Varied and diverse problem solving methods are just one of the ways companies can benefit from an accepting and inclusive culture. Coming up with different approaches and solutions is fundamental for a team’s success. A team that fosters inclusivity and opens the doors to a range of backgrounds will allow for distinct ideas and solutions.

Diversity Highlights

Closing the Gender Gap
Closing the Gender Gap

The tech industry has traditionally been dominated by males, but Codesmith leads initiatives to empower and support women as their launch their careers in software engineering.

Diverse Partnerships
Diverse Partnerships

Codesmith partners with a variety of organizations to bring learning opportunites to diverse communities through scholarships, special events, and other offerings.

Accessible Learning
Accessible Learning

Codesmith takes pride in providing accessible learning opportunities to all walks of life. We offer a range of free resources, from weekly workshops to an online learning platform, and a variety of scholarships for all our programs to make them more affordable.

$280k Scholarship Fund
$280k Scholarship Fund

Codesmith offers numerous scholarships to candidates in need, through our $280k scholarship fund. Scholarship opportunities are available for minorities, women, veterans, and more.

Mental & Emotional Support
Mental & Emotional Support

Throughout our Software Engineering Immersives, there are both group and 1-on-1 activities designed to check in on student's mental and emotional capacities. The Codesmith team is also always available to talk or discuss any issues.

Addressing Implicit Bias
Addressing Implicit Bias

Understanding one's implicit biases is the first step to tackling these attitudes. Codesmith leads a workshop to build recognition around these and make meaningful changes to these inherent thoughts.

Minorities in Tech Mentorship Program

Codesmith mentorship program

The Minorities in Tech Mentorship Program pairs applicants from underrepresented backgrounds in tech with dedicated Codesmith graduates who are passionate about mentoring others. The program is designed to provide additional support to aspiring engineers as they prepare for admission to the Software Engineering Immersive program.

How to Apply:  Indicate your interest in Minorities in Tech Mentorship Program on your Immersive Program application

Eligibility Requirements: You must identify as Female or Non-Binary and/or Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

Women Initiatives

Female writing code on whiteboard-1


Codesmith offers scholarships to those who identify as women to empower women in the technology industry. By offering affordable, world-class educational programs to women, Codesmith hopes to act as a driver towards shrinking the gender gap.

Women meeting


All-girl-rithm is an event for past, current, and prospective Codesmith women to get together to discuss the impact of women in the tech industry and to support each other through technical skills. Attendees work on algorithms, white boarding, and coding challenges together, then engage in a fireside chat and mentoring sessions with female software engineers.

Codesmith hosts All-girl-rithm between each cohort to allow our alumnae, current students, and prospective candidates to network!

Womens panel event


Women in Software Engineering (WiSE) is a meetup community that supports the empowerment and equal representation of women in software engineering, as well as in the broader tech industry.

We host monthly meetups, both in LA & NYC, and bring in speakers to highlight women making a difference in technology. In the past, we have hosted engineers, data scientists, and female entrepreneurs disrupting their industries.

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Ladies' Events

All female-identifying students participate in ladies’ lunches and events during the program with their cohort mates and staff. The tech industry is male-dominated, so we utilize this time to discuss important topics, give advice, get to know each other outside of coding, and develop real relationships, fostering an environment where women feel welcome.

We also organize events like Women’s Code & Wine night where women get together for a happy hour combined with workshop, and learn from female instructors and TAs.


We love partnering with other organizations! If you're interested in a partnership please reach out to hello@codesmith.io.

lesbians Who Tech

Codesmith partners with the organization, Lesbians Who Tech, to offer the Edie Windsor Scholarship to help LGBT people, women, and underrepresented voices get into the tech industry. Our partnership offers a generous scholarship, covering up to 50% off tuition, and involves a highly selective process.

Build Black

Our partnership with We Build Black helps encourage and educate the Black community to be active members of the tech industry to achieve socio-economic change. This partnership focuses on offering scholarships to members of the Black community who are just beginning their learning journey.

Oddball Veterans Scholarship

To empower and support more veterans to break into tech and build successful careers in software engineering, Codesmith has teamed up with Oddball to launch a new scholarship opportunity specifically for veterans. The Veterans Coding Scholarship will award five full-tuition scholarships for Codesmith’s part-time or full-time Software Engineering Immersive programs.

Increasing Visibility of Women in Tech


Listen to one of our Codesmith NYC graduates and recipients of the Lesbians Who Tech Edie Windsor Scholarship talk about her experience in the tech industry.

Hear from our Graduates


Eterna T. - Software Engineer

"Each cohort is very different, but they do a good job of picking the right people and building an inclusive, collaborative culture. They also support women/minorities in tech and educate about imposter syndrome and gender/race biases, with the hopes that we as future senior-level engineers can be cognizant about these issues."


Edward R. - Software Engineer

"Sensitivity is valued. There is strong support for underrepresented groups in tech. Codesmith tries very hard to foster a positive environment for its students, and I think it shows. Instructors and staff explicitly make themselves available when students feel uncomfortable or stressed. Staff check in with each student individually on a regular basis."

Codesmith Scholarship Fund

Codesmith scholarship applications are distributed to our accepted students and scholarships are awarded based on a combination of application and interview scores at Codesmith's discretion. Internal scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date. The Lesbians Who Tech, Women Who Code, Veterans Scholarship and Black Engineers scholarships function on different timelines, please contact the admissions team for more details. Codesmith supports underrepresented people in the tech industry, such as women, LGBTQ, and minorities.


Women's Scholarship

Codesmith is dedicated to closing the gender gap in the tech space. This scholarship is for those who identify as a woman.


Minorities in Tech

Diversity can only help the tech industry improve & therefore we offer scholarships to those who identify as Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Native American.


LGBTQ Scholarship

Codesmith strives to build a network of inclusive and empathetic individuals. We offer the scholarship to members of the LGBTQ community in hopes we can build a more open and inviting space.

Prior Bootcamp Grad

Prior Bootcamp Grad

Many of our students have attended another program and are now attending Codesmith to pursue a mid/senior level role, so we created this scholarship to help offset the costs.


Codesmith Scholarship

Someone who exemplifies a passion for coding, going above and beyond for their community, and potential in the 5 capacities of a software engineer.



While Codesmith is unfortunately unable to accept tuition assistance directly from the GI Bill, there is a special scholarship dedicated to those who have served our country.

In-Program Support

In the Full-time Onsite Immersive and the Part-time Remote Immersive, we aim to foster a space that allows each student to develop professionally and transform the tech industry into a more inclusive & empathetic environment.

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The academic rigor, the demanding hours, and the fast-pace environment all contribute to the success of Codesmith grads, however it can also be overwhelming. Codesmith prioritizes mental health by doing individual check-ins at regular frequencies with all students during the program.


Our students have office hours, which are one-on-one sessions with our staff and faculty, to address any issues or concerns they have during the program. This is a time where the team gets deeper insight into each student's experience, ensuring each student is satisfied with the program and their peers.

We take our Code of Conduct seriously and take immediate action against who breaks the contract. We also have an open-door policy, where students are encouraged to come in and talk to anyone on the team when issues arise.

Our goal is to create an environment where we accept all ideas, share credit equally, hear each other’s feelings and thoughts, and are able to perform at our best regardless of our background.

Recognizing Implicit Bias

In the beginning of each cohort, students have a workshop on implicit bias. Implicit bias refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. In the workshop, we address the different types of biases, such as gender and race, and students are challenged to acknowledge their own, while working together to overcome them.

Codesmith has a seat for everyone at the table, regardless of gender, socio-economic class, sexuality, religion, or background. As part of this, Codesmith is flexible with scheduling to ensure each student has the opportunity to pursue a world-class education.


Codesmith is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all students. If you need to miss class or need any additional accommodation due to religion, health, disability or neurodiversity the team will work closely with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure all necessary accommodations are in place. To learn more, including who to contact, take a look at this guide.

Download Accommodations Guide

Although the Software Engineering Immersive programs are demanding, each week we take the time as staff and as students to get together for a meal and shout outs.

Shout Outs

Every week all the Onsite residents and team members sit down for Family Dinner. Additionally, for the Remote program we set aside time for Saturday Shout Outs & Snacks. We use these times as an opportunity to catch up with others, give updates about graduates' hiring outcomes, and shout each other out. Shout outs are a time when we recognize the accomplishments of our peers, acknowledge when someone went above and beyond, and thank others for their support.