Codesmith Overview

What makes Codesmith graduates stand out from other bootcamp graduates?

Year after year, Codesmith has continued to lead in number of graduates hired as mid- and senior-level software engineers, as well as median starting salaries and percentage hired full-time in the software engineering industry.

Codesmith's Immersive Program challenges students to think like engineers rather than just technicians, even before they are accepted (read more about what admissions looks for); technical communication and analytical problem solving skills being at the forefront of evaluation, followed by their JavaScript knowledge.

This foundation continues to be built upon as students are introduced to various approaches to develop their skills, from Hack Hours and Tech Talks to several student-led projects during the program.

By graduation, students are able to leverage all of these moving pieces in their job search, conveying their capabilities to succeed as leaders in the software engineering space. Codesmith alumni have been employed at top companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, and AmEx, as well as other game changers in the tech space like Hulu, Hyperloop, Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Read more in this deep-dive analysis into both our outcomes reports and hiring program to learn more about how we help students land mid and senior level roles in the tech space.

Check out what Codesmith alumni have to say on Course Report, Career Karma, and Switch Up!

Why might I consider a bootcamp over a Computer Science/technical degree? What can I get out of the program as a Computer Science grad or prior engineer?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions amongst students considering a bootcamp over a Computer Science or technical degree!

Bootcamps can provide students with better opportunities to break into the industry, and oftentimes see a better ROI as compared to traditional four-year schools. A software engineering immersive may be ideal for those who have little to no prior experience in the software engineering space, and want that starting point to launch their career within the industry.

Hear from Juan E, a Codesmith graduate, as he shares his insights on going through our Los Angeles Software Engineering Immersive Program as a Computer Science graduate.

Why do you focus on JavaScript?

JavaScript is the language of the modern web. It has enabled many of the revolutionary experiences created over the past 5 years, from Google Maps to Spotify. However, historically, it has needed to be paired with something else like Python to build out full applications.

The emergence of server-side JavaScript means developers can now create rich, lightning-fast applications in pure JavaScript from end-to-end.

Focusing primarily on a single language to learn CS concepts, front-end development, and back-end development is a crucial part of what makes the extraordinary rate of learning during the program possible.

What's the difference between each of the programs?

Besides the timing and the location, this program will be identical to the Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive (3 months). The core curriculum, the projects, the hiring support, and the collaborative culture will all be converted into the Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive that will take place over 38 weeks (~9 months).

How does the remote classroom work? What is Codesmith’s online learning experience like?

Codesmith uses several platforms to facilitate your online classroom experience. You’ll receive access and instructions before the course begins on what you’ll need to have installed. The classroom environment allows you to ask questions during the lecture, collaborate with other students, and personalize your own learning experience through annotation and note taking capabilities.

How can I learn if Codesmith is right for me before I apply?

Join our weekly JavaScript workshops, where you can learn from Codesmith instructors and learn alongside like-minded individuals!

For beginners, we recommend attending the Intro to JavaScript workshops, which are held every Tuesday night.

The JavaScript the Hard Parts workshops dive further under the hood, covering important yet often misunderstood concepts of JavaScript. Hard Parts are held every Thursday night.

Technical communication is a critical component of Codesmith's programs - tune into the Pair Programming sessions to hone your engineering soft skills with other members of the community!

While our workshops run on a pretty regular cycle, you can always head over to Codesmith's YouTube channel to follow along with the workshop recordings at your own pace.

How do you maintain your strong sense of community?

​​To ensure the students are in an engaging and empathic environment, we will be bringing some of the onsite culture initiatives to the online setting! For example, our Monday Family Dinner where students give shout outs to those who went above and beyond in the last week takes place in our Part-Time Remote Immersive program as a “Saturday Shout Out & Snacks” break. We also have Circles and other various non-coding focused activities as team-building activities and mental breaks.

What is Codesmith doing in the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion space?

Inclusion & Diversity is a top priority at Codesmith. Through partnerships with We Build Black, Women in Tech International, Lesbians Who Tech, implicit bias workshops for students on-site, and scholarships for those underrepresented in the tech industry, Codesmith is committed to evening the playing field. Check out our inclusivity and diversity page for more info.

Is Codesmith an officially accredited institution?

While we are excited to provide a transformative, impactful educational experience, at this time Codesmith is not accredited by a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting body. This means that federal student loan aid cannot be used in conjunction with our courses.

Codesmith is BPPE-approved in California and New York, in which our campuses are located.

Codesmith Admissions Process

What is admissions looking for in Immersive applicants? How do I know whether I'm a qualified candidate?

Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersives are designed for driven individuals, ready to build a career in software engineering or improve their coding skills to land mid- and senior level engineering roles. The Codesmith admissions process carefully screens to ensure the each cohort is full of diverse, empathetic and compassionate individuals, creating an accepting and dedicated culture. Additionally, we look for those with strong technical potential, beyond your ability to write code, such as your communication and problem-solving skills.

To be qualified to apply to our Software Engineering Programs, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent (i.e. GED or placement exam).

How can I prepare for the application and interview?

No worries! If you are interested in transferring your application to another program cohort or location, email the admissions team that you have been in touch with, and they’ll get you set up on next steps.

Not sure who to email? Let us know at, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate team!

How do I know if I’m ready for the technical interview? What happens if I don’t pass?

Don’t stress! Most of our applicants interview more than one time. You will receive detailed feedback on what areas we would like to see improvement and how to prepare for your re-interview. Also, check out this quora answer for more information!

How long in advance should I apply?

Codesmith has rolling admissions, so apply as early as you want! We always encourage you to apply early so you have ample time to prepare for the technical interview and pre-course work once accepted. Many applicants do not pass their technical interview on their first try, so applying early gives you time to retake the interview and still aim for a specific program start date.

Is there a recommended plan to be accepted into Codesmith’s immersive program?

It varies from person to person! Typically, folks can take between 1-3 months to prepare for Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive Programs, depending on skill level coming into the admissions process.

Because Codesmith operates on a rolling admissions basis, we recommend applying sooner rather than later if you'd like to be considered for a specific cohort.

You can take a look at our Recommended Prep Plan for some additional insights on how you can prepare for the program using Codesmith’s resources, from our free weekly JavaScript workshops and online learning platform, to our prep programs, in tandem with one another!

I applied but I haven’t heard back from admissions yet -- what are my next steps now that I've applied?

If you’ve submitted an application to CS Prep and/or the Software Engineering Immersive, the admissions team is reviewing your application and will follow up with you in about 3-4 business days from the date that your application was received. Keep an eye on your inbox!

If you applied for JavaScript for Beginners, you should have received an email upon submitting your application, as well as an invoice to submit your tuition payment.

Not seeing an email? Reach out to the team at, and we’ll help connect you with the right team member!

Can I apply to another program date/location after submitting my application?

No worries! If you are interested in transferring your application to another program cohort or location, email the admissions team that you have been in touch with, and they’ll get you set up on next steps.

Not sure who to email? Let us know at, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate team!

What is the cancelation and rescheduling policy for interviews?

Interviews can be easily canceled and rescheduled using the links in the Google Calendar event for the interview. Interviews must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. For technical interviews, if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice or if you are a no-show, that may count as an interview attempt. Please note that your interviewer will wait in the Google Meet for a maximum of five minutes - after 5 minutes, you will be considered a no-show.

Are there certain tools that you recommend having to complete the program?

In order to whiteboard effectively we recommend having an iPad and iPencil or similar drawing device. We've seen this greatly improve collaboration between partners. If you have questions about this please reach out to our admissions team.

Once accepted, is there pre-course work that needs to be completed before starting the program?

In order to hit the ground running from day one, admitted students are required to complete precourse material that covers many of the basics and begins to challenge them to think critically about problem solving and web development. Topics include core functional and object-oriented concepts in JavaScript, building web pages in HTML and CSS, and designing algorithms. Students are also set up with a few of the tools they will use as software engineers, including Git/Github, Bash, and test driven learning. Office hours and additional support are available to students during this phase.

For more information, visit our Admissions & Scholarships page.

Tuition & Financing

Is there an application fee?

There are no application fees for any of Codesmith’s programs. If you’re interested in submitting an application, feel free to do so here:

How much is the Immersive tuition, and can you tell me more about financing options?

Tuition for Codesmith’s full-time Software Engineering Immersive programs beginning in 2021 starts at $19,350. Tuition for Software Engineering Immersive cohorts beginning in 2022 will start at $19,950. We provide a range of options to help you finance your education, including payment plans, loan partners and scholarships.

Financing is typically the last step of the admissions process, and once you have been accepted the admissions team will work with you to develop your financial aid package and find the option(s) that work best for you!

Learn more about Codesmith's financing options, including scholarships and loan partnerships.

What scholarships does Codesmith offer?

We offer scholarships for women, LGBTQ, minorities in tech (defined as Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander or Native American), veterans and those who have attended a bootcamp before Codesemith. Additionally, we offer the Codesmith Scholarship for those who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, and serve their community. Scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date. Scholarship applications are given out after you are admitted into the program and you can learn more here.

How can I apply for financial aid?

Once you are accepted into the program, you may apply for scholarships. With your acceptance email, you will receive more information about the scholarship application. Scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date.

Does the immersive program tuition increase yearly?

The Software Engineering Immersive programs typically increase up to 5% on January 1st of each year. The tuition for all open cohorts can be found in the Tuition & Scholarships section.

For more information, visit our Admissions & Scholarships page.

JavaScript for Beginners

Can I take JavaScript for Beginners if I’ve never coded before?

Yes, absolutely! This course is designed for those with no coding experience. We’ll start the course by giving you a general understanding of how the web works so you can get a sense of the bigger picture, before we dive into coding!

Are there any requirements for taking JavaScript for Beginners?

JavaScript for Beginners students must possess a High School Diploma to participate in the course.

Is there precourse work?

Yes there is. We’ll have you complete Part 1 of the Precourse on CSX, our free online learning platform. You won’t be required to have a complete understanding of these concepts, but we want you to have some familiarity on what you’ll be learning to make sure you can get the most out of the course.

Will I learn any HTML & CSS or does this course just cover JavaScript?

This course is completely focused on JavaScript and it will not cover HTML & CSS. This course is focused on taking students from completely new to a JavaScript novice, and with the length of the course we think it’s important not to dive into other languages. If you are interested, we have free weekly workshops that include content on HTML & CSS. See upcoming events here.

If I finish this course am I ready for CS Prep?

Yes, JavaScript for Beginners sets you up with a good foundation to transition into our online, part-time course CS Prep. We recommend continuing to learn JavaScript on your own between courses. Learn more about CS Prep here.

For more information, visit our JavaScript for Beginners page

CS Prep

What does CS Prep cover?

The CS Prep curriculum will go under-the-hood of JavaScript, challenging you to learn coding fundamentals, refine your analytic problem-solving and build a technical communication skill set. By the end of the 2-week bootcamp prep, you will have developed the essential knowledge of a software engineer, gained engineers best practices, and you will have built 2 awesome projects.

Learn more about CS Prep and download a copy of the syllabus on Codesmith's website.

What's the CS Prep program schedule?

Planning your track into Codesmith's Software Engineering Immersive? Codesmith offers the Codesmith Prep (CS Prep) prep program in a remote part-time format on a bi-weekly basis, so you can prepare for our technical interview in a structured learning environment!

CS Prep takes place over two consecutive weeks, Monday through Wednesday 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Pacific Time/8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Eastern Time, and Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00pm Pacific Time/12:00 pm - 6:00 pm Eastern Time.

See upcoming start dates for CS Prep.

Does CS Prep guarantee me acceptance to the Software Engineering Immersive programs?

CS Prep does not guarantee acceptance, but it is our recommended way to prepare for the immersive programs. CS Prep is designed to teach you core JavaScript fundamentals and covers concepts that are tested on the technical interview for the immersives. If you have questions about this, please reach out to

Is there pre-course work to starting CS Prep?

Yes, before beginning CS Prep you will need to complete the Precourse Unit (Part 1 and 2) and the Functions and Execution Context Unit on CSX, Codesmith’s free JavaScript learning platform. These units must be completed before beginning the program, but you do not have to complete them before applying.

Are there any requirements for taking CS Prep?

CS Prep students must possess a High School Diploma to participate in the course. We also recommend an understanding of introductory JavaScript, please see above for the recommended pre-course work.

How much is the CS Prep tuition, and can you tell me more about financing options?

CS Prep tuition is $875. Tuition covers 2 weeks of live instruction from experienced instructors, daily coding challenges, project building, and access to a supportive community of coders!

CS Prep offers scholarships to make the program accessible to all candidates committed to excellence in software engineering. Applications are due 14 days before the start date of your program.

To qualify for a CS Prep scholarship you must first be accepted into the program. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the admissions team to those who exemplify a passion for coding, exceptional engineering potential, and bring something special to the community. Additionally, CS Prep has a scholarship for women to cover up to 100% of tuition.

Do I need to take CS Prep before taking the technical interview for the immersive program?

While CS Prep can be a helpful resource in your journey to Codesmith's Immersive - and passing the technical interview - it's not required. We see students taking many different approaches in preparing for the technical interview; CS Prep being just one of them.

Schedule a call with an Academic Advisor to build a personalized prep plan together, and/or attend an Immersive info session to learn about how you can best prepare for Codesmith's technical interview!

For more information, visit our CS Prep page.

Software Engineering Immersive Program

What does the immersive program cover?

Software Engineering Immersive Program teaches full stack JavaScript and computer science to prepare you for mid and senior level software engineering roles. The expertly designed curriculum and supportive community immerses you in modern web technologies, such as React and Node.js, and encourages you to tackle unique and unfamiliar problems to prepare you for the ever-changing tech landscape. Codesmith offers an extensive hiring support program that guides students through the hiring process, including interview strategies, portfolio development, and post-graduation check-ins. By the end of the Immersive, you will be an autonomous engineer, ready to make an impact at innovative tech companies worldwide.

What’s the Software Engineering Immersive program schedule?

Codesmith’s Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive takes place over 12 weeks, M-F 9am-8pm and Saturdays 9am-4:30pm, in the Pacific, Central, and Eastern Timezones.

Where can I take the program?

If you’re interested in the Full-Time LA or NYC Software Engineering Immersive Program, it will take place onsite at our campuses in Los Angeles and New York City, respectively.

Due to COVID-19, the full-time onsite immersive programs are being conducted remotely, with all cohorts starting in 2020 and early 2021 fully remote for the entire duration of the program.

The Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive Program takes place in the remote environment. Learn more about the remote learning experience.

How does Codesmith foster community in the onsite and remote environments?

Codesmith is committed to fostering a close-knit community as much as we are to ensuring that students receive a top-notch software engineering education.

Community traditions include Monday Night Family Dinners (Full-Time Immersive) and Saturday Shout Outs & Snacks (Part-Time Immersive), where students and team members gather to connect over a meal or snack together, while taking moments to recognize cohortmates who have gone above and beyond to support them and the broader community over the past week.

Students also engage in a variety of cohort-bonding activities, which can range from Movie Nights and Relay Races to Talent Shows and Karaoke Contests, providing opportunities to get to know and spend time with one another outside of coding.

These are just a few opportunities that we provide for our students to build relationships with one another throughout the program -- oftentimes, they'll even build upon this, scheduling happy hours and lunchtime activities on their own!

How much can you really learn in just 12 weeks?

When we call Codesmith an intensive program, we really mean it. We have designed the curriculum to provide the core components of a computer science degree and associated internships within the program. While the Codesmith day is Monday through Saturday 9am to 8pm, many students (and even instructors) stay long past 8pm in the evening. With students spending 100+ hours per week coding. Prior to the program start date, you'll also complete an additional 3 units of material, covering HTML, CSS, algorithms, and more.

Are living and housing included?

Codesmith keeps our kitchen regularly stocked with breakfast foods and snacks. Beyond that, you will be responsible to arrange your own food and housing. There are many restaurants, fast food and fast casual places around Codesmith that provide students with a plethora of food options.

For living situations, Codesmith’s team is happy to help students with advice and potential apartment mates. New students have often ended up sharing accommodations, especially if they weren't local before joining Codesmith.

When is Codesmith going back onsite?

Our team is continually monitoring the situation and, in the interest of our community, will plan to return to campus as soon as it is deemed safe to do so according to CDC recommendations and COVID-19 forecasting.

While we hope to return onsite soon, currently all of Codesmith’s programs are being conducted remotely due to COVID-19 until further notice. We’ll keep you posted as we plan to transition back onsite!

Please note that all cohorts posted on our website are confirmed and guaranteed fully remote for the entirety of the program.

Learn more about Codesmith’s response to COVID-19.

Can I visit the campuses?

Not at this time. Our campuses are currently closed due to COVID-19. To get a sense of the online classroom experience, we recommend attending one of our weekly coding workshops.

Under the Hood Courses

What is an Under the Hood Course?

Our Under the Hood Courses are designed for experienced programmers looking to deepen and extend their knowledge. Our intensive, 4-week courses help you grow your skills alongside the evolution of technologies and succeed in your engineering career.

Why would someone want to learn Node.js?

Node is a server-side runtime environment for JavaScript, and it’s become extremely popular and commonly used across the industry. You can use many different programming languages on the backend. On the frontend, JavaScript is the only option - therefore, many development teams prefer Node since it allows applications to be written entirely in one language. This means that frontend developers can quickly and easily onboard to work on the backend as well. Learn more about Codesmith’s Node.js Under the Hood course.

Why would someone want to learn Data Structures & Algorithms?

Data structures and algorithmic logic are highly important aspects of computing that are applicable to any form of programming - both during interviews and in practice on the job. Having a solid understanding of how to most optimally store and access data and write efficient algorithms is crucial to being an effective developer. Learn more about Codesmith’s Data Structures & Algorithms Under the Hood course.

When will the next Under the Hood cohorts start?

See below for upcoming Under the Hood course start dates:

What are the courses in Codesmith’s Under the Hood Series?

We currently offer Under the Hood courses for Node.js and Data Structures & Algorithms. We’ll be adding more courses in the future, but if there are any topics you’d like us to teach - please send us an email at

Codesmith Outcomes & Career Support

How long after graduation is job support available?

Hiring support is available for all Codesmith graduates throughout their careers. Whether it’s your first, second or third job after graduation, we are here to help!

How do Codesmith grads achieve such high outcomes?

Codesmith grads stand out in their job search for a number of reasons. During the program, residents are trained to have strong technical communication and work on Open Source Products that reflect the work of a mid-senior level engineer. Additionally, the hiring program walks Codesmith residents through each step of the interviewing process, and prepares them to be strong candidates in the job market. All Codesmith outcomes are third party audited before being submitted to the Council of Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), the industry standard for placement stats across the coding school space.

How do Codesmith’s outcomes compare to other bootcamps?

Year after year, Codesmith graduates have continued to raise the bar of coding bootcamp alumni as they launch their careers in the software engineering space beyond the program, with NYC grads earning a median starting salary of $120,000, and LA grads $116,500 as of June 2020. Our graduates consistently land amazing roles as Full Stack, Front-End, and Back-End Software Engineers; several even accepting offers as Senior Software Engineers -- the top-notch salaries are merely an added benefit!

Since 2015, Codesmith’s software engineering Immersive has helped its graduates to propel their careers within the industry, with the highest percentage of residents securing senior-level engineering roles post-graduation amongst CIRR member schools (11.9% of LA graduates; 11.3% of NYC graduates in January-June 2020).

Learn more about Codesmith's graduate outcomes and career services. You can also compare CIRR member schools' outcomes reports at CIRR's website!

How has COVID impacted Codesmith outcomes?

Codesmith’s outcomes have remained consistent since the onset of COVID, as we see a continuous demand for software engineering in most industries. You are able to view our NY and LA program outcomes on the CIRR website. CIRR, the industry standard for placement stats, also allows you to compare member schools’ outcomes on their website. While it is certainly an unprecedented time, hiring support is lifelong beyond graduation, so residents have continued support from the career services team as they navigate the job search process in and beyond the immersive.

What are networking days and how are they impacted by Covid?

Networking day is a virtual lightning round interview event hosted by Codesmith during the senior’s hiring program. The event is not impacted by COVID, as all calls are fully remote. The event connects residents with engineers working in the field for 15-20 minute calls. Some companies that frequent networking days include Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, IBM, PayPal, and TicketMaster. Through these one-on-one conversations students are able to form connections and be referred to mid and senior level software engineering roles.

When will an outcomes report for Codesmith’s Part-Time Remote Program be available?

CIRR reports are submitted semi-annually and are based on graduate salaries and placement six months after graduation. Codesmith’s first Part-Time Remote Program graduates November 2020, so the first official CIRR reports should be available toward the end of 2021.

What is placement like for people looking outside of LA and NY?

Codesmith does not conduct job placement, but rather gives residents the tools they need to be successful in their job search. This applies the same whether a grad is looking within LA, NYC, another state or another country. Many graduates accept jobs throughout the country and several have accepted full time positions abroad.

For more information, visit our Graduate Outcomes page.

Codesmith Resident Projects

Do people continue working on projects post-graduation?

Graduates do not typically continue working on their projects post-graduation, but that is a personal choice for you to make because team members own the projects they create. Some graduates will continue to maintain their projects at a lower capacity, while others have gone on to create their own startups based on their Open Source Products.

Can the projects be anything coding-related or do they have to be Javascript specific?

Projects don’t have to be Javascript specific, but many are! Some groups have chosen to use other technologies, frameworks or languages - such as Docker, GraphQL, Vue, and Kafka.

Even though we teach Javascript, our pedagogy allows residents to pick up new programming languages quickly especially because many languages are similar which makes them easy to learn.

What do group dynamics look like when working on these projects?

Groups are typically made of 3-5 members. Each group is formed using preference forms which allow you to list any of their cohort mates they'd prefer to work with. Groups are also formed based on the interest of the individuals on the type of tool they want to build or technology that they want to work with. Daily Scrum, standups, and project management tools are also utilized to help prepare residents for their future careers.

Can I contribute to these Open Source Products without being part of the Immersive?

Yes, all of our Open Source Products are open source on Github. We encourage pull requests, which will be reviewed appropriately by the engineering team managing the Product.

How many projects do residents build in the program?

Residents will build five coding projects in the Immersive program, which will take up approximately ⅔ of the program time. Projects are integral to Codesmith’s pedagogy and are key to facilitating deeper learning of the curriculum and better equip residents for their future careers as Software Engineers.

What’s the support we get throughout the program for projects?

We help guide Residents on product topics and ask that residents submit a case on why they believe their product will be impactful. This helps ensure that products benefit the greater developer community, are a good opportunity for professional development, and are within scope. Mentors are also assigned to help support in the process from start to finish.

What is OSLabs?

Codesmith is committed to open source and proud to be a featured Open Source Labs partner.

Open Source Labs (OSLabs) is a selective community of dedicated engineers with the shared mission of driving creative technological advances through open source.

Open Source Products are great for those who want to improve their coding skills while at the same time contributing to projects in a meaningful way that is used by many others. Codesmith’s commitment to open source and pushing forward the engineering community means that we encourage Open Source Products done in partnership with organizations like OSLabs, which hosts Open Source Products that our students are able to iterate on. The OSLabs Github features Open Source Products that Codesmith Residents can iterate upon.

Are there any Open Source Products that work with a company’s codebase?

Yes, we’ve worked with many partner organizations and companies. If you are interested in collaborating please email Some examples of previous Open Source Products that are out of Beta are: 

  • YouDescribe, an online platform where users can describe youtube videos to aid those who need more than solely the video for context.
  • First Freight, a leading CRM provider for freight forwarding companies in the world, approached Codesmith Residents to build a custom email automation service. While there are a few services that already handle email automation - First Freight was looking for a solution that integrated deeply with their existing system. The team built an email automation tool for their marketing department that was simple to use and provided all the analytics necessary to make informed business decisions.

For more information, visit our Projects Built by Students page.

Free JavaScript Learning Resources

Do I have to pay to attend the weekly JavaScript workshops?

Nope! Our weekly workshops are always free.

Is there anywhere I can learn JavaScript for free?

Codesmith is committed to providing more accessible learning opportunities to our community. If you're not yet ready for an Immersive program, or are just looking to learn a new skill, we offer lots of free resources to help you along the way! We have curated a variety of JavaScript resources for you to explore based on the skill level and learning style preference you may have.

Build the foundations of coding with these curated resources for anyone with no prior coding experience. Learn core JavaScript functionality, such as variables, arrays, objects, loops, and more so you can move on to tackle more advanced challenges.

Master the JavaScript fundamentals and get a broader context to how coding works. Continue your learning in the key principles of programming in JavaScript - code execution, memory, execution context, the call stack and more, with these free learning resources for beginners.

Once you have the basics down, our intermediate-level learning resources can take you further and advance your skills in callbacks, higher-order functions, as well as classic closure functions like once, memoize and even password-protected functions.

Integrate what you've learned, polish your software engineering skills and learn how to program more efficiently. Experienced programmers and advanced students can enhance their skills in async, object-oriented programming, recursion and more.

Can I learn JavaScript at my own pace?

Build your JavaScript skills at your own pace, and find your coding support system through CSX, Codesmith's free online JavaScript learning platform.

CSX allows you to learn JavaScript at a pace most convenient for you. Start with the fundamentals and work your way to more advanced concepts with tons of interactive unit challenges and video lectures to solidify your learning.

For more information, visit our Free JavaScript Learning Resources page.