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Five Star reviews

    Top rated program in the US


  Average Salary of Last Cohort - July 2016


  Average Salary (All of 2016 graduates)

Five Star reviews

    Top rated program in the US


  Average Salary of Last Cohort - April 2016


  Average Salary (All of 2016 graduates)

Codesmith January 9, 2017 Cohort

- January Cohort Guest Speakers -

Tina Denuit Wojcik of Enplug

Tina Denuit-Wojcik

CTO at Enplug

Anthony Scodary

Anthony Scodary

Founder, Gridspace, Engineer, JPL

Richard Goodwin of Hautelook

Richard Goodwin

Web Engineering Manager at Hautelook

Adam Thier of Avetta

Adam Thier

Chief Technology Officer at Avetta

Adam Lichtl of Delta Brain

Adam Lichtl

Founder of Delta Brain

What Makes Codesmith Special

Fullstack Engineering

Fullstack Software Engineering Education

At Codesmith you are immersed in the technologies that power today's web - Node.js, React.js, WebRTC, React Native, three.js for 70+ hours per week.

We teach computer science and software engineering with JavaScript and go under-the-hood of the language and concepts to the operating system level so you have a deeper understanding and become a truly versatile software engineer and problem-solver.

We emphasize production-level coding experience including open-source contribution and projects that trend - the best preparation for success as an advanced developer

Codesmith Community USA

Exceptional Community

Each new cohort is selected from 100+ applicants. Admission is based not only on JavaScript experience and communication but passion to support others - a core value at Codesmith - and preparation for the 400+ hours spent pair-programming during the first 6 weeks.

As part of the wider developer community, Codesmith runs the largest React.js meetup in the US and recent guest speakers have included the Head of UI Engineering at Netflix, Jafar Husain and, Laurie Voss, the CTO of npm

Unique Hiring Preparation

Unique Hiring Preparation

Engineers from some of the most respected companies in the world including ESPN and Facebook speak to you during the program. This culminates in the Recruitment Day where you present to 30+ companies followed by one-on-one interviews.

From early on in the program we prepare you for technical interviews and to help you stand out as an engineer and this continues long after the onsite program completes

Recent Codesmith Alumni

Brian Grober

"I can say without doubt that you will get a job. I received my first offer after 2 days, and after 2 weeks I accepted another offer for more than I was making in NYC as a consultant."

Brian Grober

Susan Tashiro

"I could not have made such a huge career transition to engineering without Codesmith. The teachers and curriculum are top-notch and Codesmith has created a community where people genuinely care for each other through the entire process."

Susan Tashiro

Thrive Market

Recent Student Projects

Presented to Hiring Partners at Hiring Day

React Monocle - Generates a visual tree graph representing your React component hierarchy

DockDev - Docker project management tool for Mac

Financial Aid For Codesmith

What is Skills Fund?

Skills Fund and Codesmith have created an official partnership to help students access financial aid. Highlights of the Skills Fund loan include:

  • Eligibility to borrow between $2,000 and $15,000 for the program with 3 and 5 year payment terms available
  • 2-month post-graduation payment grace period

How do I qualify for a loan?

Skills Fund wants to help as many students grow as possible, that's why they've made borrowing honest and easy. You can qualify for a loan with:

  • No income or employment used in underwriting
  • One fixed universal interest rate for all students (regardless of your credit score)