Next deadline for LA: November 6th | Next deadline for NYC: November 20th

We created Codesmith to be a hub of groundbreaking technology.

The heart of Codesmith is the Software Engineering Immersive, a program in Los Angeles and New York City where engineers build compelling open-source projects, develop as autonomous problem solvers and excellent communicators, and build expertise in computer science, fullstack JavaScript and machine learning.

Open source projects developed during the program have been featured at Google I/O, and collected over 20,000 Github stars.

The Codesmith alumni network continues to support graduates for the entirety of their career as they become leaders in their fields. We believe good developers become great through building with a tight-knit community. This is the essence of Codesmith.

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pair programming

“We work to make healthcare accessible and transparent through various tools, including our recommendation app/algorithm which suggests optimal health insurance plans for individuals based on several personal details. We’re also working to build out our concierge service through a centralized app where customers can get questions answered, upload prescriptions, contest medical bills, and schedule appointments. As we continue to build out these tools, we’re integrating machine learning to assist our customers more quickly, smartly, and efficiently.”

–Jenna Davis, Lead Software Engineer at Impact Health

The residents go on to jobs from mid level developers to CTOs, earning on average $95k-$130k, but far more importantly they are transforming industries from healthcare to education. Graduates can be found at LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon, and more.

To further our impact, Codesmith offers a $100k scholarship fund, with at least 80% of recipients to be drawn from communities underrepresented in technology. Our partnership with Skills Fund also makes access to a world class education possible.