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Daniel King
Modern tools such as React, Redux, Webpack and ES2015 are emphasized throughout. That being said, the curriculum's main focus is building students' skills at engineering thinking, technical problem solving and communication... Read More
Web Developer
Bita Djaghouri
The acceptance rate is lower than that of most Ivy Leagues (-4%). I attended a bootcamp long before I found Codesmith. I realize all the knowledge I gained from that bootcamp only prepared me to be eligible to interview with Codesmith... Read More
Software Engineer
Angela Yu
Codesmith is a valuable investment in yourself and your future. During Codesmith, I genuinely learned how to learn and now I am confident that I will excel at any software position that I enter. Read More
Blockchain Software Engineer
Ahmad Kanawi
The culture fostered by the alumni, the fellows and LTMs, and the core team is one of unquestioned mutual support and desire to succeed - I honestly felt that everyone there believed in me and wanted to see me achieve my goals. Read More
Software Engineer
React Sight
React Sight
(1600 on Github)
Cohort 15 | Visualization tool for React, Fiber, React Router and Redux... Read More
Cohort 11 | Audio-Described YouTube with Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute... Read More
(Featured at Google I/O)
Cohort 11 | Video editing in the browser using the power of WebAssembly... Read More
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Codesmith offers numerous scholarships to candidates in need, through our $100k scholarship fund. We also work with each individual's financial circumstances to find a payment option that works. Learn more here
Machine Learning
Machine Learning is increasingly central to building great software. The Machine Learning curriculum at Codesmith gives students a foundation in Neural Networks, Backpropagation with TensorFlow and Python
Fullstack software engineering
Residents become engineers, not technicians, through a deep understanding of advanced JavaScript practices. We place an emphasis on excellent problem-solving and technical communication while becoming expert in modern technologies - React/Redux, Node
Computer Science
We extracted the most important parts of a 4 year computer science degree, to prepare graduates to be able to make mature engineering decisions typical of mid/senior developer. The curriculum includes data structures, algorithms, Big(O) notation - understanding this is sometimes the difference between a product’s success or failure.
Land a mid/senior developer role
Hiring training has led graduates to Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and 100s more companies. There’s training in interviewing, whiteboarding, networking, resume/profile development and advanced technical interview practice. We’ll connect you with a grad so you can find out more!
Community - A strong community is central to learning
A main factor when selecting applicants is non technical communication - will you be thoughtful and supportive of others through the hundreds of hours in the program? That’s what makes a Codesmith resident an exceptional engineer. Learn more about our traditions here.