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Supporting the Next Generation of Engineering Leaders: Announcing 2024 Immersive Scholarships

At Codesmith, we’re working to build a community of software engineering leaders—people who aren’t just implementing code, but are defining solutions in an era of great technological change. 

There’s a diverse range of technical challenges that need solving, and to meet the moment requires a diverse community of engineers.

We’re excited to announce scholarships that will provide additional support to people whose backgrounds give them a unique and vital perspective in the world of engineering. These include:

  • The Black Engineers Scholarship provides full tuition to applicants who identify as Black or African American, and supports community leaders dedicated to building paths for other aspiring Black engineers.
  • The Latine Engineers Scholarship provides full tuition to applicants who identify as Latino/Latina/Latine, and supports community leaders dedicated to building paths for other aspiring Latine engineers.
  • The Peter Zepf Memorial Scholarship honors a wonderful member of the Codesmith alumni community, Peter Zepf, who passed away this year after graduating from Codesmith. The scholarship provides two half tuition awards to deserving members of the Codesmith community who go above and beyond to support, enrich, and contribute to our community just as Peter did. 
  • Cohort Scholarships provide partial tuition to applicants who come from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry. This includes women, nonbinary and trans people, queer folks, people of color, veterans, and those making mid-career field changes. Scholarships are awarded based on contributions to the Codesmith community, leadership ability, technical and academic aspirations, and financial need. These typically range between $1,000-$2,500.

Receiving any one of these scholarships is the beginning of a long-term supportive relationship with Codesmith, exemplified by mutual collaboration and a shared commitment to opening doors for the people behind you. Our scholarship recipients are some of the most actively engaged members of our alumni community and of their broader communities.

Take Brandi Richardson, for example. Brandi was a talent program manager in the airline industry before the pandemic, then entered Codesmith’s program through the Black Engineers Scholarship. Now she’s working as a technical program manager at Microsoft making a scalable impact through her work and mentorship of others. “I love that I am able to use my creative juices, and the technologies I build are used by millions of people all over the world. I also love that I am able to be an inspiration for another Black woman and help to diversify tech.”

Cohort Scholarship recipient Kristin Green, who was an elementary school teacher before Codesmith, now works as a software engineer at McGraw Hill building classroom teacher resources that give back to her former colleagues.

Scholarship recipients are making this ongoing impact in their communities but also in their own lives. Konstantin Hamilton, another Black Engineers Scholarship recipient, described his career shift into software engineering as “a definitive transformation of myself.”

Learn more, and feel free to reach out to your admissions coordinator with any questions.