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Announcing the Peter Zepf 2024 Memorial Scholarship

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Codesmith – from our coding resources and events to our programs and our alumni groups and get togethers. A member of our wonderful Codesmith alumni community, Peter Zepf, passed away this year after graduating from Codesmith. In celebration of his life and the impact he had on his cohort and the entire Codesmith community, we are launching two Peter Zepf 2024 Memorial Scholarship awards of $10,900 for our Software Engineering Immersive programs. 

Peter Zepf

Peter was a pillar in his cohort and the broader Codesmith community for his brilliance, supportiveness, and humor. He excelled and dabbled in many areas of life, bringing his kindness, empathy, and positivity to all of them. 

The Peter Zepf 2024 Memorial Scholarship award will provide scholarships to two deserving members of the Codesmith community who go above and beyond to support, enrich, and contribute to our community. To honor Peter’s multifaceted talents, applicants will be asked to provide a creative writing piece that illustrates the uniqueness that they would bring to the Codesmith community. 

Applications open on December 4, 2023 and the scholarship can be used on cohorts starting after January 30, 2024. The scholarship will remain available until all awards are given out. For questions and more information, feel free to reach out to your admissions coordinator.