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Learn to Code: Intro to JavaScript workshops: Learn the Basics of Javascript while Developing Important Software Engineering Skills

Our free, weekly workshop series, Intro to JavaScript, is a great learning tool for people who are just getting started, or are looking to brush up on fundamental coding concepts. Our instructors cover a wide range of basic topics, from variables, control flow and looping, to objects and functions. Our Intro to JavaScript workshops are perfect for people who have never coded before, and are open to all levels!

These 2-hour workshops are offered in-person at our Codesmith campuses in both LA and NY, and live-streamed online. Each class is broken down into two parts: lecture and pair programming. Pair programming gives you the opportunity to work through challenges with a fellow coder to really cement the concepts covered.


Yes, attending a workshop is a great first step as there are many benefits that you wouldn’t get from watching tutorials online.

Instruction: Our instructors have solid knowledge of each topic taught. They will break down and whiteboard through each concept step-by-step so you can understand how, and why it works. Not only that, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get mentorship along the way.

Community: By attending workshops, you will be part of a community of coders that you wouldn’t otherwise. Having a supportive group in similar stages of learning as you will help you stay committed and achieve your coding goals.


Being a good coder goes beyond knowing how to write code; talented engineers understand what’s going on under-the-hood and can effectively communicate technical challenges and solutions.. That’s one of the main reasons why we make sure people start working on their technical communication skills as early as possible. Pair programming is the ideal way to do so.

In this portion of the workshop, you will be working with a partner through a series of coding challenges covering the concepts you will have just learned. You will take turns as the driver (the person writing the code) and as the navigator (the one giving directions).

Working with a partner and communicating your code is a great way to solidify your learning.You also will see how other people think and find different solutions to the same problem, building your problem solving abilities, which are invaluable at any step of your learning journey.


The topics covered in our Intro to JavaScript workshops are the foundation of all web development, so you can confidently work on harder concepts in the future.

Variables, Control Flow and Looping:

In this workshop, you’ll cover the most basic concepts in JavaScript. You will begin to understand how to store and reference information with variables (const/let), and how to store information in different ways (referred to as data types). You will also learn control flow, which allows you to run functionality on specific conditions, as well as looping, so that you can store data and retrieve it later.

Functions and Objects:

This workshop will address the questions of “What happens when our code runs in the browser?” You will take a closer look at objects, and how to declare and invoke a function.


While it’s not necessary to bring a laptop with you, we highly recommend that you do so you can work through challenges during the pair programming sessions.

All of the challenges are on CSX - Our free online learning platform, so you won’t need to download anything before hand.

Our workshops were designed with all levels of programming in mind. Whether you’re starting out, or looking to strengthen your foundation, you will learn concepts and skills that are important in any stage of your learning journey. Though our workshops are live-streamed, we recommend you attend in person, either in LA or NY, to have the best learning opportunity. Check out our upcoming workshop schedule here.