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Build with Code using Codesmith's Self-paced Learning Resources

Codesmith offers a variety of opportunities for learners at different stages of their coding journey to continue building their skills. In addition to our free workshops and events, JavaScript for Beginners, CS Prep, and the Immersive, we also offer self-paced learning opportunities on a variety of platforms available on demand.

Self-Paced Learning Opportunities to Explore

  • CSX When you join CSX you’ll find both an online free platform to learn JavaScript and an international community of folks committed to learning to code. Our videos and challenges are designed to teach you, introductory, to intermediate JavaScript and computer science fundamentals, and our community will help you overcome blocks and achieve your coding goals. From your first 15 hours of coding to your advanced preparation for Codesmith–CSX has courses, coding challenges, mentors and a community for you. Check out some of the Slack channels in our CSX Slack community below to find your community:  

  • CSX Slack Community
  • #Jshp-big-ole-study-group get connected with study buddies and stay on track with your coding goals through this study group Slack channel. 
  • JSB Udemy This course is for anyone who wants to learn about programming at your own pace, regardless of previous experience. It's perfect for complete beginners with no JavaScript or coding experience, as well as for anyone who does have some familiarity with JavaScript concepts and wants to learn more. JavaScript for Beginners will help you understand the basics of programming that can be applied to more languages than just JavaScript. Check out this blog post for more info and for a promo code to take the course at a discounted rate. 
  • YouTube If you’re unable to attend our free workshops, or you’d like to dig deeper and practice some new concepts, our YouTube channel is a great resource. We have a variety of workshop recordings available as well as Tech Talks, panel discussions and CSX solution videos. 
Check out some of these Playlists to get started: 

Built with Code: Introductory:

Build with Code: Intermediate


Build with Code: Advanced Intermediate

Codesmith Community: