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Take JavaScript for Beginners at Your Own Pace on Udemy

We’re excited to share the launch of JavaScript for Beginners on Udemy! This course is for anyone who wants to learn about programming at your own pace, regardless of previous experience. It's perfect for complete beginners with no JavaScript or coding experience, as well as for anyone who does have some familiarity with JavaScript concepts and wants to learn more. 

JavaScript for Beginners will help you understand the basics of programming that can be applied to more languages than just JavaScript. These are the building blocks that you’ll need in order to expand your coding knowledge and move to more complex concepts. 

What You’ll Learn in JavaScript for Beginners:

✓ Get a mature understanding of what a programming language is

✓ What applications and programs are and how they are used

✓ Understand “under the hood” workings of how code actually runs on our computer

✓ Become an expert in JavaScript (execution context, memory, call stack, and thread of execution)

✓ Learn how to diagram and effectively technically communicate through your code

✓ Learn the foundational skills from first principles that will better set you up for success in the development world today

Hear from one of our instructors on what to expect when you enroll in JavaScript for Beginners on Udemy:

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 12.18.55 PM 

To celebrate the launch of the program, we are offering the course at a discounted rate of $24.99 when you apply the following coupon code: 84D69946558CE3DD0DF5

For those interested in a live learning environment, we also offer JavaScript for Beginners courses as a part-time, remote program consisting of two consecutive Saturday sessions.