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How to get admitted to Codesmith: Admissions Process & Preparation

Codesmith is a 12-week, selective software engineering immersive program in LA & NY. Getting admitted to Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive requires preparation — both to pass the technical interview and to master key capacities like technical communication and problem-solving skills, which we look for during the interview process.

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We aim to create a more than a tight-knit community of technicians; we aim to create a community of well-rounded, empathetic engineers. Though we expect that residents have a solid JavaScript and coding foundation prior to joining the program, we strongly believe that being a good engineer goes beyond being able to write lines of code. Standout engineers are able to communicate technically, think critically, and collaborate with others. That’s why we look for applicants that demonstrate the 5 skills, with JavaScript as the lowest priority.

1. Analytical problem-solving -

Can you break down complex challenges and develop a strategy for solving the problem?

2. Technical communication -

Can you talk through your code precisely and clearly?

3. Non-technical communication -

Will you be thoughtful and supportive of others through the tough hours and work? Do you take an empathetic and thoughtful, supportive approach to the Codesmith community?

4. How you handle hitting a block -

How do you debug? How do you take feedback when you hit a block in your understanding (we make sure you hit a moment like this in the interview)? How do you handle ‘not knowing’, debugging, code structure, patience and reference to documentation?

5. JavaScript experience -

How well do you understand concepts like higher order functions, closure, objects and algorithm?


The application process is fairly simple: an online application, a non-technical interview, and a technical interview. Although straightforward, make sure you give yourself enough time to build your technical and non-technical skill set. Many applicants get involved with the community, ask for advice from current students and alumni, or schedule an academic call to help build a study plan.

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1. Submit application online

The Codesmith application consists of a few short essays and an optional coding challenge. By attending one of our workshops, you have the chance to complete our Fast Track application, which gives you a special coding challenge, and allows you to skip the essays, guaranteeing you an interview!

2. Application review by Codesmith’s admissions team

The Codesmith Admissions team will review your application to our coding bootcamp and reach out within a week to schedule next steps.

3. Non-technical interview

The first interview is nontechnical, where we love to get a sense of why you are interested in Codesmith, your background and your software engineering goals. You will also be able to develop a personalized preparation plan with the Codesmith admissions team for the technical interview based on your desired start date.

4. Technical Interview

The second interview is technical, where you’ll work through JavaScript coding challenges with an engineer on the team. We’re interested in seeing how you tackle problems and communicate your ideas. If you do not pass your first technical interview — don’t fear! Most applicants interview more than once, and after each attempt we’ll give you specific feedback to improve for next time and when we think you’ll be ready to re-interview.

5. Decision

Within a week of your technical interview you will receive a call from someone on the Codesmith admissions team. If you’re invited to retake your technical interview you’ll receive personalized advice on what to work on and when we recommend your re-interview. If you’re accepted, you will likely be called by, Will Sentance — Codesmith’s Co-Founder and CEO, to discuss your acceptance and how to begin preparing for the software engineering immersive program.


We offer a wide range of courses and free workshops that can help you build and polish all of the skills above. Whether you’re looking to improve your technical communication or get better at handling blocks, these resources can help you achieve it.

Free JavaScript workshops

We offer free JavaScript workshops in LA, NY and live-streamed online for all levels. If you’re beginning your coding journey or want to solidify your foundation, our Intro to JavaScript series is a great starting point. If you have nailed down the basics, JavaScript the Hard Parts is a great option.

Most of our workshops are a combination of live-lecture and pair programming, which is a great way to learn while also improving your technical communication. While pair programming, you will switch between being the driver and the navigator, which means that at points, you’ll be walking someone through your code, and then take turns to be directed as someone directs you.

CSX - Our free online learning platform

CSX has lectures, coding challenges, and a large online community (you can join the CSX slack channel here) that can guide you when you hit a block. In the slack channel, you can also find pair programming partners, and meet fellow coders.

JavaScript for Beginners Courses

JSB is our introductory, remote course that runs over the course of 2 consecutive Saturdays. Through live-instruction, pair programming and diagramming sessions, you should expect to finish the course with a strong foundation of JavaScript basic concepts such as variables, loops and functions.

This course is a great opportunity to start working on the 5 key capacities mentioned above, as you’ll be practicing your communication skills, as well as working on your engineering best practices.

CS Prep

CS Prep is our 2-week, live-online, part time prep program, taking place in the evenings Monday through Wednesday and for 6 hours on Saturday.

During the 2 weeks, you will be immersed in intermediate and advanced JavaScript concepts that are crucial in order to pass the technical interview at Codesmith. The course is a combination of live instruction, pair programming sessions, and daily problem solving workshops. Besides improving your JavaScript skills, you will also work on technical communication, learn best engineering practices, and develop a stronger analytical mindset.

Group of students sitting around a table with laptops watching someone give a presentation.

Most students at Codesmith have gone through CS Prep before entering the program, and most certainly attended numerous JavaScript the Hard Parts workshops. Practice is key, so be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare, but most importantly, surround yourself with like-minded coders that will provide you the support you need throughout the process.