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An Overview of Codesmith’s Global Part-Time Remote Program


Through its innovative and rigorous curriculum, Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive equips residents with the tools they’ll need to succeed in the software engineering industry. While the Full-Time Immersive (available both in-person in NYC and online) is an excellent option for someone looking to start a new career on an accelerated timeline, the substantial time commitment may not work with everyone’s schedule. 

To better accommodate future engineers with different professional commitments or personal responsibilities, Codesmith offers the Global Part-Time Remote Immersive. The program covers the same rigorous curriculum and lifetime hiring support as the Full-Time program, and earlier this year, we were excited to share the outcomes report for our first Part-Time Remote Immersive cohorts

As you consider your options for a Software Engineering Immersive, here’s what might make the Part-Time Program a good choice for you.


The part-time program runs for 38 weeks (or approximately 9 months) and has classes on Monday through Thursday from 5-8pm PT / 8-11pm ET, and Saturdays from 9am-3pm PT / 12-6pm ET.

Because instruction time is divided among weeknights and weekends, part-time is a great option for someone who plans to work throughout the Immersive. 

For recent grad Ashley, the Part-Time Immersive was the best option for her individual schedule and responsibilities. She first found Codesmith as a college student, and decided to enroll in the Part-Time Immersive while also interning and finishing her psychology degree. Despite having so much on her plate, Ashley found that the spaced-out schedule of the program made the workload manageable, and that it helped her develop time-management skills that she now uses in her career: “it gave me insight into how engineering teams work, how Scrum works on a realistic scale, and how to hold and manage meetings.”

Lanre Makinde, another grad of the program, shares, “The part-time program is spread out intentionally because it's expected that you’ll have other commitments, such as family or a job.” This schedule makes the program ideal for someone with responsibilities that might take them away from their computer throughout the day, while the Full-Time program would make more sense for someone able to commit nearly 12 hours a day to building with code.  


As a permanently remote program, the part-time option allows for students from all over the world to tune in. Although the program runs on Pacific Time, you don’t need to be based on the West Coast in order to join, and the flexibility in location extends even beyond the United States. In this Course Report feature, Lanre goes over what it was like to complete the entirety of the Part-Time program from Nigeria, caring for his family and working full-time while participating in class, even as instruction time extended well into the night. 

Despite the long days, Lanre recalls feeling supported every step of the way: “the program is designed in such a way that the team is constantly checking in. The setup of the program also helps you stay on track.”

Lanre now works remotely from Nigeria for a US-based company, fully demonstrating that the program’s global reach extends even beyond the Immersive: “I’m working in a U.S. company while living in Lagos, Nigeria. For me, that’s so cool!...When I was going to get a job offer, eventually I had multiple offers to choose from. It’s so good to see your hard work and time commitment pay off.”

Hear more from Lanre in this Course Report interview comparing the Full- and Part-Time Immersive Programs


No matter what your educational background or professional experience, Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive can help you learn how to think like an engineer, and give you the foundation you need to break into the industry. 

You can learn more about the Full- and Part-Time Immersive programs at an upcoming info session. You can also begin to learn at your own pace using CSX, Codesmith’s free JavaScript learning platform, and through recordings of workshops, Tech Talks and other content on our YouTube channel.