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Celebrate Women in Software Engineering with Codesmith

In honor of Women's History Month, we are launching a "Celebrating Women in Software Engineering" campaign to empower and support more women, trans, and non-binary programmers with additional learning and networking opportunities. 

During the month of March, we will be hosting "women only" events and sharing community engagement prompts. You'll also have the chance to win exclusive prizes and program discounts. 

How to Participate:

  • Be an active part of the community by sharing your responses to the weekly engagement prompts in the #women-in-software-engineering CSX Slack channel

Tune in every Wednesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET  to advance your JavaScript knowledge. Each workshop is standalone, however, we recommend tuning in every Wednesday to build upon the concepts covered in the previous week.

By the end of the month, you'll have successfully tackled some of the most powerful yet often misunderstood concepts in JavaScript. We will also be hosting a few special career and networking related events.

“I attend Codesmith’s women’s workshops because it allows me to be apart of a strong community of women & non-binary individuals from all levels of programming. I learn something new every week!”

Cynthia, Codesmith NYC Immersive Grad


RSVP for women's events in March:



Women, trans, and non-binary community members have the opportunity to win exclusive swag and prizes during the month of March. 

Those who attend at least four women's events in March will receive a 50% promo code for our CS Prep program.

Every week, we'll be sharing a new prompt in the #women-in-software-engineering CSX Slack channel. Answer the prompts each week to be entered for a chance to win exclusive Codesmith swag. Each response = 1 entry; up to 5 entries per person.




We hope you’ll join us as we continue offering new initiatives to support the empowerment and equal representation of women in software engineering, as well as in the broader tech industry. 

Feel free to email us at hello@codesmith.io if you have any questions!