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2022 Codesmith Year in Review

2022: Codesmith Year in Review

2022 was a big year for the Codesmith community! From program and scholarship launches to workshop attendance and coding hours, the Codesmith community has a lot to celebrate as 2022 comes to a close.

Here is a look at some of the Codesmith community’s biggest milestones in 2022.

Programs and Scholarships

2022 was an exciting year for program and scholarship launches and renewals! We spent the Fall preparing to welcome the Codesmith community to our New York City campus. In September, we opened the doors for live, in-person free workshops and events, and in October, we launched the new New York City Onsite Immersive! We’ve been thrilled to offer a new way to engage in our community, and we can’t wait to keep seeing you onsite in 2023.

We also launched new remote learning opportunities, including a new Immersive program – the Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive! Plus, for coders looking to learn at their own pace, we created JavaScript for Beginners on Udemy, taught by instructors Phillip Troutman and Camera Kendall.

Finally, we were proud to offer several new scholarships as we strive to provide additional opportunities for the Codesmith community to become exceptional and empathetic engineers. We established both the Codesmith International Scholarship and the Codesmith Community Scholarship, renewed the Black Engineers at Codesmith Scholarship and, to celebrate Women’s History Month,  offered scholarships to our prep programs, JavaScript for Beginners and CS Prep. We were also grateful to work with our scholarship partners Oddball, Lesbians Who Tech, and Women Who Code to provide scholarships to Veterans and LGBTQ+ women and non-binary folks.


The Codesmith community grew across the board in 2022. For one, our Software Engineering Immersive communities became even more global this year, with residents from 19 countries! And, despite the distance, our communities and cohorts remained close, sharing over 200 family dinners and 9,500+ coding hours with each other.

So many of you made the life-changing decision to start or continue your coding journeys this year with CSX. The CSX community completed over 448,000 CSX subunits and 298,000 CSX challenges! Plus, the CSX Slack community grew to over 14,000 users, and continues to be a supportive space for people to start their coding journeys, collaborate on CSX coding challenges, and set up pair programming sessions.

The learning didn’t stop there. We saw over 17,515 attendees at our live remote and onsite workshops, pair programming sessions, info sessions, and other free events! This was in addition to over 39,000 hours of watch time on recorded workshops, alumni panels, and more on Codesmith’s YouTube. Our most watched videos posted in 2022 covered JavaScript topics like Functions & Objects, Variables, Control Flow, and Looping, Recursion, and Callbacks and Higher Order Functions

Most watched videos posted in 2022:



In 2022, as always, we celebrated our Software Engineering Immersive graduates’ successes with them. This year, Codesmith graduates earned positions at Google, AWS, Microsoft, CapitalOne, and Disney, to name just a few! Plus, graduates earned a median salary of $130,000 after the immersive – a 2x average increase from their salaries before starting the immersive.

Chloe Courtois, a 2022 Codesmith Software Engineering Immersive grad and current Software Engineer at a health tech start-up, relayed the impact that Codesmith had on her life.

“I know I would not be where I am without Codesmith,” Chloe said. “The intensity and being surrounded by so many incredible individuals is very inspiring. I have made lifelong friends and colleagues that I hope to start a business with later on. There is so much to get out of this program if you are open to it.”

Looking Forward to 2023

We are so grateful to each and every member of the Codesmith community. We can’t wait to see you all in 2023!