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Terry Coding
Instructor and Resident

Alumni Outcomes In Numbers

Average Median Base Starting Salary 
180 Days After Graduation


Average Employment Rate
180 Days After Graduation



Graduate Outcomes You Can Trust

At Codesmith, we believe in transparent outcomes  - we are committed to reporting our graduate outcomes through CIRR, the industry standard for trustworthy results reporting. The data above is based on the outcomes of all Codesmith residents graduating between July - December 2021.  The first NYC Onsite CIRR reports will be available starting spring 2024.

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Career Support At Codesmith

Codesmith’s career support prepares residents for every step of the software engineering job search process. During the program, residents receive guidance on building a resume and online profiles that best highlight their technical skills. Career support workshops, led by industry experts, prepare residents for each step of the interview and hiring process - our team shares insights into best practices for phone screens, technical interviews, and salary negotiations. Codesmith career support is for life - our team is here to support graduates whether they are on their first job search, second, or beyond!

Resumes and Online Profiles

Residents attend lectures covering resume best practices and are taught to craft their experiences in a way that is both technically sound and authentic to them. After the program, graduates are able to continually book one-on-one support sessions with a Career Support Engineer to make adjustments to their resume as needed. 
The team also reviews best practices for online job platforms. Career Support Specialists review each resident’s LinkedIn profile to ensure they are representing themselves and their experiences in a way that will make them stand out in the job market. Many residents receive numerous inbound leads from potential employers before even leaving the program!

Interviewing Strategies

Residents attend multiple lectures to review interviewing best practices and then apply their knowledge through our mock interview and networking day events. 
Before leaving the program, residents complete a mock technical interview with a Codesmith alum who is currently working in the field. Residents also attend “Networking Days” - where they are given the opportunity to interview with multiple alumni who can refer them to open roles at their company.

Negotiating Your Offer

Codesmith holds weekly workshops to support grads who are preparing to negotiate their salaries. The workshops - led by an expert in the field - cover topics such as how to approach conversations around negotiations, and understanding all aspects of engineering compensation, such as stock options and sign-on bonuses.

Graduate Network And Lifelong Support

After the program ends, residents have the incredibly valuable opportunity to schedule one-on-one support sessions with our Career Support Engineers.

In addition to the Career Support Team, the Codesmith alumni network continues to support one another. Codesmith is proud to foster a supportive and active community both during and after the program. Alums can connect with one another through the Codesmith Alumni Slack, weekly post-grad workshops, and in-person alumni events. Codesmith alumni actively support one another by sharing job opportunities, holding job prep workshops, and referring one another to open roles.

 To learn more about the trajectory of Codesmith graduates’ careers - check out our Where Are They Now Report.

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Where Codesmith Graduates Get Hired

Codesmith’s rigorous program and extensive career support prepare graduates to succeed in roles at companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

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Building Solutions To Real Problems

Codesmith's emphasis on creating open-source software and building products that benefit the software engineering community provide residents with real-world problem-solving and decision-making experiences that they can speak to during their job search. Open Source Products are significant software engineering accomplishments that are built within a team environment using agile methodology that replicates engineering-team best practices.

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