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From Diverse Backgrounds & Skillsets to Launching Careers in Software Engineering

While we set a high bar to get into our Software Engineering Immersive, it is not a requirement to have a tech background to join Codesmith. Many of our residents come from diverse backgrounds but with one common goal: launch their future careers in Software Engineering. Our team will be here to guide you during the first steps of your coding journey and beyond by offering public workshops, prep programs, and a supportive community!


Brian H.

Software Engineer at Dick's Sporting Goods

"After four years as a middle school biology teacher, I decided to challenge myself to make a crazy detour in life. I joined Codesmith to learn alongside amazing individuals how to build things that can impact countless lives. Outside of work, I'm honing my cooking skills, building my whisky collection and recently engaged!"



Software Engineer at Bonobos

"Before Codesmith, I spent ten years working as a sales consultant in the luxury space, but I was ready to move on to my next challenge. I had been interested in switching careers into programming for a while, but I thought my lack of 4-year degree would hold me back. Turns out that I was making it a bigger issue than it truly was; in spite of not having a formal degree, I still received multiple inbound messages from recruiters, was invited to participate in several on site interviews and was lucky enough to land a position at my top choice company."



Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg

"Before Codesmith, I had recently graduated as a Math Major from my university. I felt stuck because I didn't have enough work experience or industry know-how to make it past the first stage of the interview process. After graduating from Codesmith, I'm working on engineering new Bloomberg services. It's honestly amazing how much of my daily work looks exactly like the best practices and tips I was taught at Codesmith."



Software Engineer at Crescita Dev

"I transitioned from the military without knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I realized engineering was an exciting space that would give me the chance to grow, challenge me, and secure my future. I wasn’t sure how to make the change but luckily I found another vet who went the bootcamp route. I stumbled on Codesmith and was immediately impressed with their culture and teaching philosophy of empowering you with the tools to learn. I now work for a startup that invests in small businesses by building their applications from the ground up."

Advancing Your Software Engineering Career Coming from Junior or Tech Adjacent Roles

Codesmith's advanced curriculum and esteemed Hiring Support program help our grads become leadership-driven, autonomous problem solvers. During the program, our residents learn in-demand modern technologies and build production-level Open Source Products that differentiate them in the job search.



Software Engineer at Virgin Orbit

"Prior to Codesmith, I graduated from one of the top bootcamps in NYC. I had a shiny project portfolio, groomed Resume, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. However, after 3 months of networking and applying to over 300 jobs, I had 0 on-site interviews. The key missing ingredient to passing the technical phone screen, and why I chose to double down on another bootcamp, was technical communication. The results really speak for themselves: within a month of graduating I had 3 on-site interviews, 2 offers, and now I am making launch software for sending commercial rockets into space. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome."



Software Engineer at Book of the Month

"Prior to attending Codesmith, I was a graphic designer for over 10 years at a NYC health care company. I felt stuck. I wasn't happy, and I've reached my ceiling in that role. I knew I wanted to get into coding but didn't know where to start. I taught myself the basics, but I opted for Codesmith after attending JavaScript workshops. The community was amazing and I instantly wanted to belong. After graduating from Codesmith, I landed a job as a fulltime Software Engineer at Book of the Month. Best decision I ever made. I'm so much happier now."



Front-End Software Engineer at Magic Leap

"Before Codesmith, I was working in front-end web development (HTML and CSS) for about 4 years. There was a point where I decided to bring my JavaScript game up to the next level and researched extensively around for a bootcamp that aligned with my goals. When I attended a free Codesmith workshop, I knew that it would be the right choice for me. What hooked me in is their emphasis on technical communication, under-the-hood understanding, and cultural growth."



Software Engineer at Opentrons Labworks Inc.

"After graduating with a degree in computer science and working as a software engineer for a couple years, I sought to build upon the foundation I had with comprehensive instruction of more modern web development technologies than I’d been working with. Codesmith provided me with not only that, but also the community, confidence, and proficiency to continuously master new tech, grow as an engineer, and advocate for myself during the job hunt process."

Employment Data by Campus

Starting Salary Range for Codesmith LA Graduates H1 2019

Under $100k$100k - $110k$110k - $120k$120k - $130k$130k - $140kOver $140k0%5%10%15%20%25%

Codesmith LA graduates earn the highest median starting salary for Los Angeles CIRR-member schools, at $115,000, 80.6% of graduates hired within 180 days. 47% of graduates earn over $120k annually. See the full outcomes report here.

Starting Salary Range for Codesmith NYC Graduates H1 2019

Under $100k$100k - $110k$110k - $120k$120k - $130k$130k - $140kOver $140k0%10%20%30%

The median starting salary of Codesmith NYC graduates is $120,000 - the highest salary of all CIRR-member schools for July-Dec 2019. 86.8% of graduates are hired within 180 days of graduation and over 43.8% earn over $130k annually. See the full outcomes report here.

Grad Outcomes You Can Trust

Cirr logo

Industry Standard Measurement

As a CIRR certified school, we fully offer transparent results. CIRR was established in 2016 to ensure accurate and transparent outcomes reports and to provide unique insights to key statistics on salaries and job placements. Because CIRR enforces a single standard of measurements across all member schools, you can easily compare outcome reports across different programs.


Banks Finley Logo

Best in Class Student Outcomes Independent Audit

CIRR requires independent verification of results by a CPA firm that is specifically AICPA Peer-Reviewed. While only a small number of US firms have this qualification, our peer review was conducted by Banks, Finley, White & Co. in accordance with the AICPA standards. We take this extra step in verification to ensure our outcomes data is 100% transparent and verifiable for our residents.


Where Codesmith's Graduates Have Been Hired

Codesmith’s approach to applying for jobs is different than anything I'd encountered in the past. Within a few weeks, I had two six figure offers, and there were others in my cohort with more than that. I'm very grateful to this program, its founders, instructors and staff for enabling me to change my life.



Software Engineer at Mark43

Our Grads Land Onsite and Remote Jobs Around the World

Whether your goal is to start your career in the United States or abroad, our Hiring Support team is dedicated to personalizing your hiring needs based on your preferred location. Here are just a few of our grads who recently landed jobs in Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and more!

Software Engineering Titles Codesmith Graduates have

Software Engineering Positions Grads Land After Graduation

Codesmith helps graduates land mid and senior level software engineering positions with our extensive hiring support. See most common positions our graduates land at some of the most influential companies around the world, including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Hulu, Snap, and many more.

Most Common Job Titles Secured by Codesmith Grads 2018-2019

56.34% | Software Engineer 10% | Front-End Developer 7.95% | Senior Software Engineer 5.73% | Full Stack Software Engineer 2.11% | Other 1.85% | Software Developer 1.64% | Full Stack Developer 1.31% | Back End Engineer 0.61% | UX/UI Designer

Alumni Stories

alumni highlight profile picture

"Codesmith awakened the problem-solver in me. I like to figure out solutions, and Codesmith gave me the tools and information to implement that."

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"When I attended the JavaScript the Hard Parts, I was very impressed by the level of instruction and that's what made me apply to Codesmith."

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"I don’t think I would be where I am now with just self-teaching and online learning. Maybe I could have, but it would have been a longer and harder road."

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"Attending Codesmith completely changed my life. I have changed careers to something I enjoy and that is very challenging and rewarding."

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"The job search process is extraordinarily challenging and time-consuming, but Codesmith gives you the tools to be able to find a job."

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What Makes CS Grads Stand Out

What Makes Codesmith Grads Stand Out
What Makes Codesmith Grads Stand Out

The curriculum at Codesmith aims to build autonomous problem solvers, capable of applying their knowledge effectively and learning new technologies on the spot. Students master critical JavaScript and computer science concepts, while also tackling challenging libraries and topics like React, Redux, Node.js, and machine learning.

Impressive Project Portfolio
Impressive Project Portfolio

Codesmith’s emphasis on project building is critical to developing engineers who are independent thinkers, but also collaborative teammates. Students build 4 major projects and apply best practices, such as daily stand ups, SCRUM boards, and Agile methodology.

Strong Technical Communication
Strong Technical Communication

Technical communication is seen as one of the most valuable qualities of an engineer, particularly during interviews. Through pair programming, project building, and tech talks, students practice this skill in preparation for their software engineering career.

Leadership Skills and Empathetic Engineering
Leadership Skills and Empathetic Engineering

Codesmith is committed to building a community of empathic and inclusive engineers to help create a better future for the tech industry. Through implicit bias and imposter syndrome workshops, 1-on-1 check-ins, and other in program support, Codesmith leads innovative and valuable initiatives to develop well-rounded team members. Learn more about our diversity initiatives

People often say that the hiring support is worth the cost of tuition alone. Codesmith has a dedicated team of individuals to help coach you through your job search process (that you also have lifetime access to). The negotiation lessons and coaching also helped me get an extra $10k on my starting salary.



Full-Stack Engineer at Pacific Life

Full-time Onsite Immersive Program Hiring Support

Codesmith's Hiring Support is all-encompassing - including all aspects of career services like resume feedback, mock interview sessions, and even specific salary negotiation advice. Whether you’re applying for your first job or you’re an industry veteran, our Hiring Support Team is here for you during the program and far beyond graduation with onsite check-ins and ongoing one-on-one sessions!

Software Engineering Titles Codesmith Graduates have-1

Career Services

The Codesmith hiring support begins in the second half of the program and continues long after you graduate!

For many students starting the job search can be intimidating, especially when it comes to writing that first technical resume or submitting an application. During the program students build the foundations needed to be confident and prepared as they start the job search.

Resumes & Online Profiles

A strong technical resume and online profiles are fundamental to the job search. During the Senior portion of the program, students build out their resumes - making sure to include all the most relevant technologies that hiring teams are looking for. Resumes go through multiple iterations of edits and feedback before the final sign off. Once students are confident in their final resumes, they use the content to build out online profiles on the most relevant job sites in addition to lectures on tips and tricks to make their profiles stand out.

Online Profiles
Approaching the Job Search

Students also receive workshops on how to approach the job search, which includes advice on everything from submitting an application the right way, reaching out to your network and writing strong outreach messages that will increase conversion rates from application to phone screen.

Before graduating the program, you will practice both non-technical and technical interview skills. You will feel confident with your narrative and prepared to tackle those phone screens, technical assessments and on-site interviews.

Mock Interviews & Networking Days

Mock Interviews are conducted with alumni from the program, allowing residents to receive genuine feedback on their whiteboarding and technical interviewing skills before entering the job search. After having some time to reflect on the feedback from mock Interviews, students enter Networking Days - this is a great opportunity for students to interview with and get referrals from Codesmith grads working at companies that are actively hiring. Google, Hulu, IBM, MLB are all regular participants of Networking Days.'

System Design & Whiteboarding Interview Prep

System design and algorithms are a major component of most technical interviews today. In order to prepare, residents attend workshops like “How to Whiteboard Effectively”, which places an emphasis on technical communication, analytical problem solving and diagramming clearly and effectively. After the workshop, students practice these new strategies in their Hiring Groups and with the guidance of their group engineering mentor.

Post-Grad support is forever. After you graduate the program, you will have many Codesmith resources available to you, including workshops, check-ins and one-on-one support. Whether it be your first job right after graduation, or your third job years after graduating, Codesmith’s hiring support team is here for you!

Alumni Network

Codesmith has an expansive and active alumni network that continues to support one another throughout their careers through forums, discussions, and networking events. The Hiring Support team will also intro grads to other alums working at companies they’re interviewing for or interested in applying to. Many Codesmith grads land jobs through references and connections with other alums.

Negotiation Strategies

Once you receive an offer - it’s time to negotiate! Codesmith not only provides a salary negotiation lecture during the program, but it also provides one-on-one salary negotiation coaching from an industry expert. Using these strategies, Codesmith graduates are typically able to negotiate an additional $5-15K from their initial offer.

When it comes to landing your dream job (and your dream salary!) we’re here to connect you to Codesmith’s vast network and provide you with all the coaching you need to be confident in asking for the salary you deserve.

Alumni Network

A strong technical resume and online profiles are fundamental to the job search. During the Senior portion of the program, students build out their resumes - making sure to include all the most relevant technologies that hiring teams are looking for. Resumes go through multiple iterations of edits and feedback before the final sign off. Once students are confident in their final resumes, they use the content to build out online profiles on the most relevant job sites in addition to lectures on tips and tricks to make their profiles stand out.

Salary Negotiations

Once you receive an offer - it’s time to negotiate! Codesmith not only provides a salary negotiation lecture during the program, but it also provides one-on-one salary negotiation coaching from an industry expert. Using these strategies, Codesmith graduates are typically able to negotiate an additional $5-15K from their initial offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after graduation is job support available?

Hiring support is available for all Codesmith graduates throughout their careers. Whether it’s your first, second or third job after graduation, we are here to help!

How do Codesmith grads achieve such high outcomes?

Codesmith grads stand out in their job search for a number of reasons. During the program, residents are trained to have strong technical communication and work on Open Source products that reflect the work of a mid-senior level engineer. Additionally, the hiring program walks Codesmith residents through each step of the interviewing process, and prepares them to be strong candidates in the job market. All Codesmith outcomes are third party audited before being submitted to CIRR.

What are networking days and how are they impacted by Covid?

Networking day is a virtual lightning round interview event hosted by Codesmith during the senior’s hiring program. The event is not impacted by COVID, as all calls are fully remote. The event connects residents with engineers working in the field for 15-20 minute calls. Some companies that frequent networking days include Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, IBM, PayPal, and TicketMaster. Through these one-on-one conversations students are able to form connections and be referred to mid and senior level software engineering roles.

When will an outcomes report for Codesmith’s Part-Time Remote Program be available?

CIRR reports are submitted semi-annually and are based on graduate salaries and placement six months after graduation. Codesmith’s first Part-Time Remote Program graduate November 2020, so the first official CIRR reports should be available toward the end of 2021.

How has COVID impacted Codesmith outcomes?

Codesmith’s outcomes have remained consistent since the onset of COVID, as we see a continuous demand for software engineering in most industries. You are able to view our NY and LA program outcomes on the CIRR Website. CIRR, the industry standard for placement stats, also allows you to compare member schools’ outcomes on their website. While it is certainly an unprecedented time, hiring support is lifelong beyond graduation, so residents have continued support from the career services team as they navigate the job search process in and beyond the immersive.

What is placement like for people looking outside of LA and NY?

Codesmith does not conduct job placement, but rather gives residents the tools they need to be successful in their job search. This applies the same whether a grad is looking within LA, NYC, another state or another country. Many graduates accept jobs throughout the country and several have accepted full time positions abroad.