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Day in the Life of a Software Engineering Immersive Resident: Onsite v. Remote

Considering joining a Codesmith Software Engineering Immersive program? With remote and onsite programs, it can be tough to decide which Immersive program is the best fit for your lifestyle.

We asked Codesmith residents and alums from the onsite and remote Immersive programs to tell us about a day in their life during the Software Engineering Immersive. Read below for their insights!

🗽 Day in the Life: New York Onsite Software Engineering Immersive

Nancy, NYOI for blog 2023

As I live in Brooklyn, my day usually begins with a 45 minute commute which I take as a time to chill and listen to music. Throughout the first few weeks at Codesmith, we had a very structured schedule (which I enjoyed). As we entered project phase, staying focused is more about holding yourself and your team members accountable and checking up on one another. When I feel overwhelmed, I've found that it is very easy to pull another cohort mate aside and just talk about life. I also really enjoy lunch time due to the great food options nearby (personal favorite for quick to-go meals is Woorijip) and the communal table in the kitchen has led to great conversations. Another great way to destress is to go for a coffee break. 

Coding activities have helped me connect with my cohort mates and instructors through learning from one another and developing an admiration for others and their depth of knowledge. Non-coding activities, such as grabbing lunch together, taking the train home together, the Thursday night socials, and hanging out a bit afterwards on Saturdays, have also helped me connect with everyone. I have found that every single person at Codesmith is insanely cool and interesting to talk to, which has further motivated me to develop not just as a software engineer, but as a person. - Nancy, New York Onsite Immersive

Nate NYOI for blog 2023

The biggest thing I've had to learn in my day to day is how to balance the hard work and focus with taking breaks and resting. I think one of the biggest benefits of the onsite program is that by being in the room with a couple dozen people all working on the same thing, with the same goals, there is automatically a shared determination and focus to solve whatever problem we're currently working on. We all have different limits, and at a certain point sometimes the quickest route to the solution is to take a break, either by taking a quick walk and eating a snack or calling it a day and getting some sleep. It's easy to let the determination take over, especially when surrounded by equally determined people. Learning to recognize that within myself has been an unexpected challenge. I'm an avid rock climber, so doing a quick couple of laps on a few bouldering problems during my lunch, or grabbing dinner and chatting about non-coding things with my cohort mates have been huge in keeping my enthusiasm up, and stopping me from bottoming out day to day. - Nate, New York Onsite Immersive

Jo, NYOI for blog - 2023

A typical day in the junior portion is pretty structured. It normally starts with a leetcode-style coding question, followed by a unit lecture. The afternoon/evening is often dedicated to a unit challenge that you work on with another partner. Some unit lectures can be sprinkled between the afternoons and evenings as well. The in-person nature of the program allowed for interaction and connection. I often use the time during lunch/dinner to chat and connect with people, which also helps me take breaks from the screen. Whether it is a high-five after getting through a bug, or a gesture to grab a quick bite, it builds camaraderie. - Jo, New York Onsite Immersive

🖥️ Day in the Life: Remote Software Engineering Immersive

Drew ECRI for blogMy typical day usually begins around 7 AM. In the morning I like to have a strong cup of coffee, do some light yoga, and meditate for about 25 mins. This morning routine helps me stay grounded and gives me the chance each day to recommit myself to the Codesmith process and the promise I made to become a better engineer. After these exercises, I usually walk through what is on my calendar for the day and do a warm-up LeetCode question before hack hours. I usually use my lunch and dinner periods to connect with my mentor or cohort mates about non-coding-related content. These discussions are the perfect time to check in on my peers' mental health, offer words of encouragement, and give room to validate everyone's immersive experience. These moments have been key to my longevity throughout the immersive. - Drew, East Coast Remote Immersive

Elise CTRI for blog - 2023On a regular day, I would wake up, go for a quick walk outside to get some fresh air, log on for morning stand-ups, and then start on the daily hack hour. From there, the days varied with solo, pair, or group work. Regardless, I made sure to take true breaks for lunch and dinner and tried to get outside whenever I could (spending time outdoors is one of my favorite ways to re-energize and gain a new perspective when I hit blocks). Leaning on my family and friends as well as Codesmith cohort mates made a world of difference on tough days. - Elise, Central Time Remote Immersive

Jordy ECRI for blog - 2023Well, first things first - I always start the day off by brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Once I've got my caffeine fix, I head to my home office, which is set up with a standing desk, a laptop with an external monitor, and a Spiderman head bust to hold my headphones (because why not?). I usually structure my time with a mix of coding and non-coding activities. I'll spend a few hours in the morning working on code, take a lunch break to go for a walk or walk my dogs , and then spend the afternoon doing more coding or attending the lectures provided by Codesmith. I find that taking breaks throughout the day helps me stay focused and refreshed. (stretching === no stress)

As for connecting with my cohort mates and instructors, Codesmith has done a great job of creating a supportive and engaging remote community. We have regular stand-ups and check-ins with our instructors. There's also a Slack channel where we can ask for help or just chat with each other throughout the day. I've really appreciated having this sense of connection and community, it really is encouraging to know your cohort mates are going through the same 'hiccups'. - Jordy, East Coast Remote Immersive

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