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Codesmith Supporting Ukraine

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the invasion and conflict in Ukraine. We remain mindful that team members may be affected by this, as well as our broader Codesmith community, including residents, alumni, and CSX members. Please support one another, as always, thoughtfully and empathetically.

While we do not have any direct operations in Ukraine, we are called to support the humanitarian crisis continuing to unfold there and in surrounding countries. In that vein, we have donated $20,000 to Choose Love, a non-profit that provides medical care, food, clothing, shelter and legal aid, and also helps support Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ community. We will also match employee contributions 1:1, up to an additional $10,000.

We all hope for a swift resolution and peace restored to the region so that rebuilding may begin.

- The Codesmith Team