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Become a Leader in the Software Engineering Industry

Learn how Codesmith's curriculum centers frontier tech and engineering excellence—download our syllabus:

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April-May Outcomes

Read our newest report on the latest job offers from our grads, along with statistics on salaries, bonuses, and perspective from alums who were recently hired.
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AI/ML is revolutionizing the software engineering landscape. Codesmith grads build a deep understanding of how to integrate AI models into applications through prompting, retrievalaugmented generation (RAG), fine-tuning, and MLOps.
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July 2024 Workshops

Join our community and attend our free online workshops for all levels.
  • AI Hard Parts: LLMs and Embeddings
  • Intro to Coding Series + JavaScript the Hard Parts Series
  • How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer in 2024
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CIRR-Approved Graduate Outcomes (2022-23)

Median Salary & Employment Rate

Within 360 days after graduation

$120,000 | 80%

$124,800 | 70% within 180 days after graduation


Graduation Rate

Students who graduated on-time


Percentage of students who graduated out of all students who enrolled

Our Programs

Our expertly designed full-stack JavaScript curriculum is consistent between both full-time and part-time programs. Choose the option that works best for you.
Full-Time Remote

Full-Time Remote

13 Weeks | Conducted remotely Mon - Sat

Part-Time Remote

38 Weeks | Conducted remotely Mon - Thurs evenings and Saturdays
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Awarded Best Coding Bootcamp

Codesmith is honored to be ranked as a top coding bootcamp! Hear from our grads in their own words on Course Report and SwitchUp.
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  • Software Engineering Immersive

    Full-Time and Part-Time

    The Full-Time and Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive Programs teach full-stack JavaScript and computer science to prepare you for mid- to senior-level software engineering roles.

  • JavaScript for Beginners

    This prep program gives you a foundation in software engineering and is a great first step for true beginners. It is designed for those new to coding or who have minimal experience.
  • CS Prep

    This prep program aims to build your core JavaScript knowledge, improve your technical communication, and develop your engineering toolkit.
Expert Instruction & Curriculum
Expert Instruction & Curriculum

Apply in 4 Steps

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    Submit Application

    The application includes essay questions as well as an optional coding challenge - the essay questions allow you a space to discuss your goals for the program and demonstrate your aspiration for acceptance to Codesmith.
  • 2

    Initial Interview

    The initial, non-technical, interview assesses your commitment to Codesmith values - as well as your overall readiness and fit for the fast-paced, intense nature of the program.
  • 3

    Technical Interview

    The technical interview evaluates your JavaScript and general programming knowledge, problem-solving skills, and both technical and non-technical communication to determine your ability to be successful with all aspects of the immersive curriculum.
  • 4


    A Codesmith team member will call you to deliver your interview results, personalized feedback, and next steps.
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Graduate Outcomes You Can Trust

At Codesmith, we are committed to publishing trustworthy graduate outcomes. We share our outcomes through CIRR, the industry standard for transparency in reporting.

As a CIRR certified school, we have our graduate outcomes audited by a third-party to ensure that we have fully complied with CIRR standards, including accounting for 100% of students, graduation rate, job placement in-field, and median starting salaries.
Intro to Coding Workshops

Where Codesmith Graduates Get Hired

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Software Engineering Immersive focus on JavaScript?

JavaScript is the language of the modern web. It has enabled many of the revolutionary experiences created over the past 5 years, from Google Maps to Spotify. However, historically, it has needed to be paired with something else like Python to build out full applications.

The emergence of server-side JavaScript means developers can now create rich, lightning-fast applications in pure JavaScript from end-to-end.

Focusing primarily on a single language to learn CS concepts, front-end development, and back-end development is a crucial part of what makes the extraordinary rate of learning during the program possible.

What's the difference between each of the programs?

The Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive runs for 3 months, and teaches a full-stack JavaScript curriculum designed to prepare residents for mid- to senior-level roles in software engineering. Besides the program's duration, the Full-Time Immersive is identical to the Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive that takes place over 38 weeks, with the same core curriculum, projects, hiring support,  and collaborative culture. 

For more information on the differences between the programs, we welcome you to explore our Programs Overview page.

How can I learn if Codesmith is right for me before I apply?

Join our weekly JavaScript workshops, where you can learn from Codesmith instructors and learn alongside like-minded individuals!

For beginners, we recommend attending the Intro to JavaScript workshops, which are held every Tuesday night.

The JavaScript the Hard Parts workshops dive further under the hood, covering important yet often misunderstood concepts of JavaScript. Hard Parts are held every Thursday night.

Technical communication is a critical component of Codesmith's programs - tune into the Pair Programming sessions to hone your engineering soft skills with other members of the community!

While our workshops run on a pretty regular cycle, you can always head over to Codesmith's YouTube channel to follow along with the workshop recordings at your own pace.

We welcome you to review our Community Overview page for a summary of Codesmith’s diverse community ecosystem.

What makes Codesmith graduates stand out from other bootcamp graduates?

Year after year, Codesmith continues to lead in the number of graduates hired as mid- and senior-level software engineers, as well as median starting salaries and percentage hired full-time in the software engineering industry.

Codesmith's Immersive Program challenges residents to think like engineers rather than just technicians, even before they are accepted; technical communication and analytical problem solving skills being at the forefront of evaluation, followed by their JavaScript knowledge.

This foundation continues to be built upon as residents are introduced to various approaches to develop their skills, from Hack Hours and Tech Talks to several student-led projects during the program.

By graduation, residents are able to leverage all of these moving pieces in their job search, conveying their capabilities to succeed as leaders in the software engineering space. Codesmith alumni are employed at top companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, and American Express, as well as other game changers in the tech space like Hulu, Hyperloop, Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Learn more in this deep-dive analysis into both our outcomes reports and hiring program about how we help Codesmith graduates land mid and senior level roles in the tech space.

Check out what Codesmith alumni have to say on Course Report, Career Karma, and Switch Up!

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