Shaping the Future for Women in Tech with Learning Resources & Supportive Community

Encouraging Diverse Perspectives

Codesmith aims to create a space where people from all walks of life feel welcome, have equal opportunity, and can freely represent themselves and their backgrounds. 

Getting into software engineering as a person with an underrepresented background in tech can feel daunting at first, which is why Codesmith leads initiatives to empower and support women and non-binary community members through every step of their Software Engineering journey. 


Empowering Initiatives for Women & Non-Binary Community Members

Codesmith offers beginner to advanced free workshops and events specifically for members of the women and non-binary community in tech.

Additionally, you can level up your coding skills on our CSX learning platform and join the CSX Slack community to find a group of women and non-binary coders from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, drawn together because of their interest and passion for coding. 

Caitlin Chan

Caitlin C. - LA Immersive Engineering Instructor

“If you’re new to something, it can be hard to build up confidence and let your guard down, but the environment in the women’s workshops was so supportive that I never felt out of my element.”


Rebecca S. - Engineering Mentor

“I remember being floored by how smart and competent the female instructors were, and hearing their stories of overcoming gender biases in tech was so inspiring and motivating for me."

Support During the Software Engineering Immersive Admissions Process


Minorities in Tech Mentorship Program

The Minorities in Tech Mentorship Program pairs applicants with dedicated Codesmith graduates who are passionate about mentoring others. This mentorship experience is invaluable in helping candidates navigate the admissions process and prepare for the technical interview. To join the program, applicants indicate their interest in their  Software Engineering Immersive application. After submitting their application, they’ll receive instructions for submitting a Mentorship Program application, which will be reviewed after they complete the initial interview.   


Scholarships for Women & Non-Binary Community Members

In addition to the Minorities in Tech Mentorship program, there are a number of scholarships available for women and nonbinary coders, such as the Minorities in Tech and the Women Who Code Scholarship. In addition to these, the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship, which is offered every year in partnership with Lesbians Who Tech, funds 50% of the immersive tuition for recipients. 

Support While You’re a Resident at Codesmith


Networking Opportunities

Some of the programming specifically geared towards the women and non-binary community focuses on providing a space for residents from underrepresented backgrounds in tech to come together and feel supported. For Rebecca S., “The women of the cohort definitely established the culture of undying support and tolerance.” There’s also a women and non-binary community Slack channel, where members can share resources, shoutouts, and get to know each other better. Throughout the year, Codesmith also hosts Al-girl-rithm events, in which the alumni and resident communities are able to connect and network through programs like speaker events and panel discussions. 


Lectures on Diversity & Advocacy

This supportive community doesn’t just stop at the workshops, but continues throughout—and even beyond—the immersive. In the beginning of the program, residents attend workshops on implicit bias and imposter syndrome, leading to important conversations about how to respect and advocate for yourself and your fellow cohort mates. 


In-Program Mentorship

Once an applicant becomes a junior resident, they can expect to be paired with a senior resident, who can help them thrive in the busy early days of the Immersive. Caitlin C., an Immersive grad and current Codesmith Instructor, remembers how much she valued her senior mentor's advice. By watching her mentor finish the Immersive, Caitlin could understand what to expect for life after graduation, and as she moved through the program, she then passed this insight down to her own junior mentee, going from asking for advice to giving it. This mentorship creates a community of people who are connected and dedicated to each other’s success.

It has been so amazing and inspiring watching these incredible women that I went through the program with go out into the real world and crush it.


Rebecca S.

Engineering Mentor

Increasing Visibility of Women in Tech

Listen to one of our Codesmith NYC graduates and recipients of the Lesbians Who Tech Edie Windsor Scholarship talk about her experience in the tech industry.

Ready to be Part of our Supportive Community? Join us for Upcoming Women-Only Events & Workshops!

Codesmith Prep Programs Information Session

Mon. 11/28

6:30PM EDT

In this free online information session, one of our instructors will go in depth on our bootcamp prep courses. Learn about the curriculum, financial aid and scholarships, and how the programs will prepare you to be accepted into top coding programs.

Monday 28 Nov 2022 | 6:30PM EDT | Online Only

Codesmith Info Session: Software Engineering Immersive Programs

Mon. 11/28

6:30PM PDT

In this free online information session, we'll go in depth on the Software Engineering Immersive Programs - curriculum, financial aid, scholarships and how best to prepare.

Monday 28 Nov 2022 | 6:30PM PDT | Online Only

Web Development Fundamentals: HTML & CSS (Remote Only)

Tue. 11/29

6:30PM EDT

In this free online workshop, you'll cover the foundations of web development under the hood! You'll go in-depth on text elements (headings, paragraphs, lists), division elements, and styling selectors (elements, class, and id). All experience levels are welcome, this workshop is designed for beginners.

Tuesday 29 Nov 2022 | 6:30PM EDT | Online Only

Intro to JavaScript: Variables, Control Flow, and Looping (Remote Only)

Tue. 11/29

6:30PM PDT

In this free online workshop you'll cover the foundations of web development under the hood! You'll go in depth on HTML, CSS, variables (const/let), objects, arrays, for loops, and conditional logic (if/else). All experience levels are welcome, this workshop is designed for beginners.

Tuesday 29 Nov 2022 | 6:30PM PDT | Online Only

How to Prepare for the Codesmith Technical Interview (Remote Only)

Wed. 11/30

7:00PM EDT

To be admitted into our Software Engineering Immersive Program, applicants must pass a technical interview. Join us in this free workshop where we will provide tips on how to best prepare for the Codesmith Technical Interview.

Wednesday 30 Nov 2022 | 7:00PM EDT | Online Only