Upcoming Software Engineering Immersive Programs

Please note all upcoming Los Angeles and New York City Immersives will be remote for the entirety of the program until further notice, due to COVID-19. Additionally, the schedule for our fall and winter cohorts accounts for holidays - students will not have sessions on 9/6, 11/25-11/26, 12/20-12/25, or 1/1.

Los Angeles Immersive (Pacific Time)

M-F 9am-8pm PT
Sat 9am-4:30pm PT


All application and interview deadlines have passed. Email admissions.la@codesmith.io for more information.

M-F 9am-8pm PT
Sat 9am-4:30pm PT


Application deadline: Jan 05

Initial interview deadline: Jan 07

Technical interview deadline: Jan 15

New York City Immersive (Eastern Time)

M-F 9am-8pm ET
Sat 9am-4:30pm ET


Application deadline: Dec 10

Initial interview deadline: Dec 17

Technical interview deadline: Dec 27

M-F 9am-8pm ET
Sat 9am-4:30pm ET


Application deadline: Jan 21

Initial interview deadline: Jan 28

Technical interview deadline: Feb 05

Remote Immersive (Central Time)

M-F 9am-8pm CT
Sat 9am-4:30pm CT


Application deadline: Dec 27

Initial interview deadline: Dec 29

Technical interview deadline: Dec 31

M-F 9am-8pm CT
Sat 9am-4:30pm CT


Application deadline: Feb 04

Initial interview deadline: Feb 11

Technical interview deadline: Feb 19

Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive

M-Th 5-8pm PT
Sat 9am-3pm PT


Application deadline: Jan 26

Initial interview deadline: Feb 04

Technical interview deadline: Feb 12

Admissions Process

Review Application

Review Application

The Codesmith Admissions team will review your application to our coding bootcamp and reach out within a week to schedule next steps. To be qualified to apply to our Software Engineering Program, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent (i.e. GED or placement exam). To apply, you must complete questions about your experience and optionally complete a coding challenge through an online application. If you attend one of the free weekly JavaScript workshops in LA, NYC, or online, you can get a special Codesmith admissions code that guarantees you an interview and allows you to apply through the fast track application.

Nontechnical Interview

Nontechnical Interview

The first interview is nontechnical, where we love to get a sense of why you are interested in Codesmith, your background and your software engineering goals. You will also be able to develop a personalized plan with the Codesmith admissions team to prepare for the technical interview based on your desired start date.

Technical Interview

Technical Interview

The second interview is technical where you’ll work through JavaScript coding challenges with an engineer on the team. We're interested in seeing how you tackle problems and communicate your ideas. If you do not pass your first technical interview - don’t fear! Most applicants interview multiple times, and after each attempt we’ll give you specific feedback on what to work on and when we think you’ll be ready to re-interview.



Within a week from your technical interview you will be contacted to discuss your acceptance and how to begin preparing for the software engineering immersive program.

Codesmith Scholarship Fund

Codesmith scholarship applications are distributed to our accepted students and scholarships are awarded based on a combination of application and interview scores at Codesmith's discretion. Internal scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date. The Lesbians Who Tech and Black Engineers scholarships function on different timelines, please contact the admissions team for more details. Codesmith supports underrepresented people in the tech industry, such as women, LGBTQ, and minorities.

Womens Scholarship

Women's Scholarship

Codesmith is dedicated to closing the gender gap in the tech space. This scholarship is for those who identify as a woman.

Minorities in Tech

Minorities in Tech

Diversity can only help the tech industry improve & therefore we offer scholarships to those who identify as Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Native American.

LGBTQ Scholarship

LGBTQ Scholarship

Codesmith strives to build a network of inclusive and empathetic individuals. We offer the scholarship to members of the LGBTQ community in hopes we can build a more open and inviting space.

Prior Bootcamp Grad

Prior Bootcamp Grad

Many of our students have attended another program and are now attending Codesmith to pursue a mid/senior level role, so we created this scholarship to help offset the costs.

Codesmith Scholarship

Codesmith Scholarship

Someone who exemplifies a passion for coding, going above and beyond for their community, and potential in the 5 capacities of a software engineer.



While Codesmith is unfortunately unable to accept tuition assistance directly from the GI Bill, there is a special scholarship dedicated to those who have served our country.

Scholarships with Partner Organizations

In addition to the scholarships offered above, we also have the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship and the Veterans Coding Scholarship powered by Oddball. Please note, these scholarships function on different timelines and you can contact the admissions team for more details.

Oddball Veterans Scholarship

To empower and support more veterans to break into tech and build successful careers in software engineering, Codesmith has teamed up with Oddball to launch a new scholarship opportunity specifically for veterans. 


The Veterans Coding Scholarship will award five full-tuition scholarships for Codesmith’s part-time or full-time Software Engineering Immersive programs. In order to qualify for The Veterans Coding Scholarship Powered by Oddball Inc., you must be at least 18 years old and provide Proof of Service (U.S. Armed Forces). Check out the scholarship page to learn more about the application process and eligibility. 

Lesbians Whotech

The Edie Winsor Coding Scholarship by Lesbians Who Tech gives us the opportunity to offer a scholarship opportunity covering up to 50% of the immersive for two deserving individuals, as well as 100% of CS Prep. Scholarship recipients are awarded by Lesbians Who Tech and must also be accepted into either the Full-time Onsite or Part-time Remote Immersive Program. Typically scholarship applications are due by May each year and awards are sent out in June. If you have questions about this scholarship please email edie@lesbianswhotech.org.

Tuition Options

Tuition for Codesmith’s full-time Software Engineering Immersive programs beginning in 2021 starts at $19,350. Tuition for Software Engineering Immersive cohorts beginning in 2022 will start at $19,950.

We provide a range of options to help you finance your education, including payment plans, loan partners and scholarships.

Please contact your Admissions Coordinator or email us at hello@codesmith.io if you have any questions, or schedule a call with an academic advisor regarding your specific situation.

Pay Upfront

Once you’ve been accepted, a deposit is needed to secure a spot in your desired cohort, then pay the remainder by the 1st day of the cohort.

- $2,500 deposit and $17,450 due by day 1.

Pay in Monthly Installments

Codesmith offers a payment plan that breaks down tuition into monthly payments. A deposit is required to secure your spot once you’ve been accepted, a down payment before the 1st day of the cohort and then three equal monthly payments for the remainder of your tuition amount:

- $2,500 deposit + $2,750 down payment by the 1st day of the cohort + 3 monthly payments of $4,900.

Personal Educational Loan

Codesmith works with Ascent Funding, a student financing solution to provide affordable options for both short term and multi-year loans. In addition to your full tuition you can borrow for living expenses. Ascent Funding offers flexible repayment options where you can:

- Make no payments while you study and for the three months after you graduate

- Pay only interest while you study and for the three months after you graduate

Learn more about Ascent Funding offerings here.

Prepare for Admissions

JavaScript The Hard Parts

JavaScript The Hard Parts

Free Workshop in LA, NYC, & Online

Join us to go under-the-hood of critical and often, misunderstood JavaScript concepts, including closure, callbacks, async, object-oriented programming, recursion, and more.




Free Online Self-Directed Course

Learn at your own pace on our online learning platform! Complete with 100s of challenges, high quality video lectures, and solution videos to help you understand both the why and how of your code.

Start coding now

CS Prep

CS Prep

2-Week Part-Time Program

Our accelerated coding bootcamp prep program will help you cement fundamental JavaScript concepts, build a problem-solving skill set, and refine your technical communication.

Learn More

Talk with an advisor

Upcoming Free JavaScript Workshops and Coding Events

Start learning with CSX, our free online learning platform


Designed for those just starting out with JavaScript

In The Precourse Unit - Part 1 and 2 we’ll cover the JavaScript basics such as variables, strings, data types, arrays, and loops. The precourse is designed to give an introduction to core JavaScript functionality so you can move on to tackle more advanced challenges.

Functions and Execution Context

Functions and Execution Context

In this unit we’ll build a strong foundation in the principles of programming in JavaScript - code execution, memory (variable environment), execution context and the call stack. You’ll learn JavaScript functions, a key concept in all of programming.

Callbacks and Higher Order Functions

Callbacks and Higher Order Functions

In this unit we explore higher order functions and callbacks. Functions like map, reduce and filter are powerful tools and keep our code DRY but can be complex to navigate. We will learn how to build these functions from scratch so you can easily implement and debug them in your code.

Closures and Scope

Closures and Scope

In this unit we understand closure – probably the most misunderstood feature of JavaScript yet one of the most powerful. By introducing the execution context and variable environment, we’ll be able to understand classic closure functions like once, memoize and even password-protected functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any differences between the admissions process for the Full-time Onsite program and the Part-time Remote program?

The admissions process are the same for both programs. For the Full-time Onsite program, we recommend conducting your interviews in-person. All Part-time Remote interviews will be conducted through video calls. The initial interview will also assess your drive and commitment towards the longer length program and remote environment, as well as your dedication to building and supporting an online community.

How do I apply for scholarships?

Once you are accepted into the program, you may apply for scholarships. With your acceptance email, you will receive more information about the scholarship application. Scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date.

How long in advance should I apply?

Codesmith has rolling admissions, so apply as early as you want! We always encourage you to apply early so you have ample time to prepare for the technical interview and pre-course work once accepted. Many applicants do not pass their technical interview on their first try, so applying early gives you time to retake the interview and still aim for a specific program start date.

Am I qualified to apply to this program?

Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersives are designed for driven individuals, ready to build a career in software engineering or improve their coding skills to land mid- and senior level engineering roles. The Codesmith admissions process carefully screens to ensure the each cohort is full of diverse, empathetic and compassionate individuals, creating an accepting and dedicated culture. Additionally, we look for those with strong technical potential, beyond your ability to write code, such as your communication and problem-solving skills.

To be qualified to apply to our Software Engineering Programs, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent (i.e. GED or placement exam).

What happens if I don’t pass the technical interview?

Don’t stress! Most of our applicants interview more than one time. You will receive detailed feedback on what areas we would like to see improvement and how to prepare for your re-interview. Also, check out this quora answer for more information!

Once accepted, is there pre-course work that needs to be completed before starting the program?

In order to hit the ground running from day one, admitted students are required to complete precourse material that covers many of the basics and begins to challenge them to think critically about problem solving and web development. Topics include core functional and object-oriented concepts in JavaScript, building web pages in HTML and CSS, and designing algorithms. Students are also set up with a few of the tools they will use as software engineers, including Git/Github, Bash, and test driven learning. Office hours and additional support are available to students during this phase.

How can I prepare for the application and interview?

We are assessing for five capacities in applicants:

Technical communication, problem solving, JavaScript and programming knowledge, nontechnical communication and engineering best practices (Read more here on Quora)

Top resources for technical communication, problem solving and best practices:

Pair-programming and going under-the-hood of JavaScript at JS the Hard Parts and Saturday workshops at Codesmith

CSX, Codesmith's free online learning courses with challenges and projects

Coding Challenge sites like Codewars, Coderbyte, Leetcode, HackerRank, Project Euler

Web development challenge sites like Nodeschool and Exercism.io

PythonTutor - Allows you to run through your code line by line similar to the JS the Hard Parts whiteboarding approach. Run each of your Codewars solutions through PythonTutor to ensure you truly understand your solution

JavaScript30 - Build a project with simple JavaScript each day for 30 days - excellent for improving your problem-solving (Tackle the problem before watching any solution)

Top resources for JavaScript and programming knowledge:

CSX - Codesmith's Free Online Courses


Codewars (and other coding challenge sites)

JS the Hard Parts

(Thursday workshop 6:30pm at Codesmith online and in-person)

JS the Weird Parts (Udemy)

ReactiveX LearnRX challenges (Higher order functions)

Angus Croll on JavaScript (Closures, Execution Context, etc.)

More introductory resources:

Codecademy JavaScript

Codeschool JS

Team Treehouse

Eloquent JavaScript

Does the immersive program tuition increase yearly?

The Software Engineering Immersive programs typically increase up to 5% on January 1st of each year. The tuition for all open cohorts can be found in the Tuition & Scholarships section.

What is the cancelation and rescheduling policy for interviews?

Interviews can be easily canceled and rescheduled using the links in the Google Calendar event for the interview. Interviews must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. For technical interviews, if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice or if you are a no-show, that may count as an interview attempt. Please note that your interviewer will wait in the Google Meet for a maximum of five minutes - after 5 minutes, you will be considered a no-show.