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"Codesmith is truly the YCombinator of Software Engineering Immersive Programs"

- Steven Foote, Senior Software Engineer  Linkedin

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How Does Codesmith Work?

Codesmith Recruitment

1. We select through a rigorous process

Admitted students have degrees from top schools like Stanford and Cornell and have previously worked at some of the most highly regarded companies in the world including Boeing and the NFL.

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2. We train our engineers in the latest technologies

Codesmith engineers are trained in advanced JavaScript, computer science, and work with industry best practices. Through code review and contributions to the open source community, graduates are ready to contribute to your team.


3. Graduates face rigorous coding assignments

Codesmith engineers go through rigorous assessments before meeting hiring partners to ensure their readiness for mid-level engineering positions and above. Assessments include algorithms, data structures, and frontend and backend technologies.

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4. You are matched with the best talent for your team

At Hiring Day, you join us at Codesmith to see graduate engineers' projects, described by the VP of Engineering at Ticketmaster as 'highly significant'. This is followed by one-on-one lightning interviews with select graduates most suited to your needs.

Hear from our Hiring Partners

Brian Grober

"Codesmith is the masters of coding bootcamps."

Hired two Codesmith grads for mid-level software engineer roles

Chad DePue, CTO at Whisper

Matthew Lee

"If I were getting into software today, Codesmith is the program I'd enroll in."

Tom Occhino, Head of React


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Turn your server into a seed for P2P content delivery. Used in production by previous hiring partners

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