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Software engineering students

Codesmith’s part-time, online coding bootcamp is focused on building engineers, not just technicians over nine months.

The Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive Program teaches fullstack JavaScript and computer science to prepare you for mid and senior level software engineering roles. The expertly designed curriculum and supportive community immerses you in modern web technologies, such as React and Node.js, and encourages you to tackle unique and unfamiliar problems to prepare you for the ever-changing tech landscape. Codesmith offers an extensive hiring support program that guides students through the hiring process, including interview strategies, portfolio development, and post-graduation check-ins. By the end of the 38-week program, you will be an autonomous engineer, ready to make an impact at innovative tech companies worldwide.

Program Overview

Developer On Computer
Full Stack Development & Computer Science

Learn the most in-demand technologies to stand out against the competition and more importantly learn how to learn.

Five Star Rating
Awarded “Best Coding Bootcamp”

Hear first hand from Codesmith alumni about their experience in the software engineering program on  Course Report  and  SwitchUp.

Online instruction
Live Online Instruction

Our remote course offers live, engaging instruction and hands-on support throughout the week from instructors, fellows, and peers.

Resume Paper
Hiring Support Long After Graduation

Students receive extensive interview prep support and practice which continues long after graduation into future job searches.

Get Hired at Top Tech Companies

Alumni at 300+ companies including Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Hulu, PayPal and more. As a Codesmith grad, you join a network of successful and supportive engineers throughout the world.

Admissions Checklist
Merit-Based Admissions & Tuition Assistance

We admit students based on their software engineering potential, not how much they can pay. All students can apply for scholarships & financial aid to help cover the program costs.

Curriculum Overview

Help us redefine how software We've taken our expertly designed curriculum of the Full-Time Onsite Software Engineering Immersive and adapted it for the remote setting of this program. By the end of the coding bootcamp, you will have built an immersive portfolio and demonstrated you know how to build and think like an engineer.

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Codesmith condenses the key elements of a four year CS degree and combines them with a modern curriculum focusing on developing the skill set companies highly value. You will master algorithms, data structures, programming paradigms, and design patterns, gaining a deep understanding of the core elements of computer science.



A strong foundation of problem solving techniques is an essential piece of every engineer’s skillset. Students will work through incrementally more challenging algorithms throughout the program to prepare for whiteboarding interviews.

Data Structures

Data Structures

Data structures allow us to store and organize information in ways that are optimal for solving specific problems. You will learn to write functions and operations in order to efficiently modify and access data using linked lists, hash tables, and binary trees, among other types.

System Design


Beyond having expertise in specific domains, developers are expected to know how all of these pieces fit together. Codesmith students will learn how to design a system in mock interview sessions to grasp the fundamentals of scale, load-balance, and application performance.

Programming Paradigm


Object-oriented programming and functional programming describe high-level strategies for organizing code. You will learn best practices and design patterns when building systems or applications.

Front end development is about building beautiful and effective user experiences. Codesmith emphasizes front end best practices and many of Codesmith’s graduates go into front end or fullstack roles and use these skills on a daily basis.

React JavaScript


React is a powerful JavaScript library that enables developers to create reusable components to avoid rewriting code. Codesmith students learn to combine React with Redux (a state management library) to create large scale applications.

html and css


HTML and CSS are the backbone of frontend development and responsible for all static content on web pages. Codesmith students apply their HTML/CSS knowledge to various contexts to hone these skills while learning more advanced technologies.

JavaScript Logo


Understanding the latest JavaScript syntax allows developers to write cleaner and more maintainable code. Framework and library popularity changes overtime, thus in-depth knowledge of programming fundamentals is crucial in becoming an adaptable engineer.

Building Web Pages


Responsiveness, performance, and accessibility are central to creating modern web pages. By implementing the latest frontend technologies students learn to optimize their applications to take into account user experience and efficiency.

Backend development are the technologies and skills, such as server and database development, required to build scalable applications. The backend curriculum includes Node, Express, relational databases (PostgreSQL) and non-relational databases (MongoDB).

Backend Code

Backend Code

Node and Express are largely responsible for the growing popularity of JavaScript because they allow developers to create entire applications in a single language. You will design complex backend architecture and connect it with your front end logic to build full-stack applications.

Non-relational databases


Non-relational databases allow us to handle large amounts of data for high traffic applications. The immersive program teaches you why non-relational databases should be used and the kinds of situations in which they provide an advantage over relational databases.



No application would be complete without a clear way for users to create accounts and store their data. By utilizing encryption, cookies, and OAuth, you will master the authentication flow to create secure applications.

Setting up databases


Relational databases have been the industry standard because of their focus on security and consistency. You will learn the ins and outs of database manipulation and how to effectively manage interrelated data points.

The fast rate of change in technology means engineers need to learn new technologies frequently. Codesmith teaches you not only the most modern technologies, like machine learning, but also how to learn so you can efficiently tackle new challenges throughout your career.

Machine Learning


With the exponential growth of data generation in recent years, machine learning has quickly become an invaluable tool for building next-generation software solutions. The Machine Learning unit includes an immersive introduction to the python programming language, common machine learning and data science libraries, and underlying concepts that machine learning developers used on a daily basis.

New Technology Ideas


Codesmith student’s projects have been featured on the main stage of the annual Google I/O Conference, used by interviewers when asking questions about webpack, and involved ethereum in the blockchain space. You are encouraged to build with tools that are pushing the developer community forward.

Beyond the core curriculum, Codesmith prepares you to be a well-rounded engineer with a focus on ‘soft engineering skills’ and giving you the tool set needed to be a mid/senior level developer. It’s not just about what you know - it’s also about your problem solving and communication skills.

Technical Chat Bubbles


Employers love seeing engineers with a refined technical communication skill set. Throughout the program, you will get ample practice through pair programming experiences, working in small teams, and technical presentations. This will shape your ability to clearly and accurately communicate ideas, expectations and problems.

Project Management


Building powerful applications and developer tools requires more than just technical ability. Project management is the art and science of planning out projects, monitoring them throughout the development process, and assessing their results. You will become fluid in all agile methodologies, regularly using SCRUM and a variety of project management platforms preparing them to seamlessly integrate into engineering teams.

Real World Engineering Tools


Codesmith students use a variety tools like Git, Github, command line, dev tools, chrome performance monitoring tools, deployment tools, and many more.

Two Coders Brainstorming


You’ll examine and build the development and deployment ecosystem that enables team collaboration in a shared environment with Docker containers, benefiting from Travis-CI’s continuous integration and deployment platform.

Codesmith students distinguish themselves with the quality and technical depth of the projects they build. While cementing your knowledge of modern web development technologies, you will also push the developer community forward by building open source tools that gain the attention from thousands of developers.
Solo Project


Solo projects are the first time when you build from the ground up with the concepts you’ve learned over the previous month and really dive into their complexities. You will usually focus on 1-2 technologies, integrate APIs, and dive deep into connecting different parts of an application.


Examples of solo projects include a websocket chess game, google maps with spotify integration, and an ecommerce clothing store.


Sample technologies including OAuth, Databases, React, Redux, different APIs



Smaller team projects at Codesmith are a time when you get to experience development as a team. You will learn github for teams, SCRUM and agile methodologies, as well as work with more complex technologies. These projects are a chance for you to go beyond the limits a bit with their project scope, requiring more research and resulting in a finished product at production level.


Examples of smaller team projects include a React mpc style drum machine, adventure style learning game teaching JavaScript, local dating applications, and a collaborative coding platform.


Sample Technologies including React router, more use of databases and servers, redux thunk, implementing testing

Reinforcement Project


Your last project is focused on preparing you for upcoming interviews and you’ll build with a commonly tested technology to begin practicing for technical screenings. This project is a chance for you to really dive deep on a technology you aim to work with in your first job after Codesmith.


Examples of smaller team projects include an encrypted messaging app, WebSocket based multiplayer game, and job interview question repository.


Sample Technologies including React, redux, node, SQL, WebSockets, and mongoDB.

Production Project


The Open Source Product is arguably the most important component of your education at Codesmith. You will build cutting edge projects and tackle incredibly difficult problems for the developer community. Projects have received thousands of github stars, been featured mainstage at world renowned conferences, and are used daily in development.


Read more and check out other awesome projects here.


Sample Technologies including GraphQL, webassembly, webpack, blockchain.

Career Services

The Codesmith hiring support begins in the second half of the program and continues long after you graduate. The Codesmith team caters our career services to fit the industry goals, lifestyle and location of each student in the program.

The hiring program of the Part-time Remote Software Engineering Immersive differs from the onsite program because the team adjusts the support for each student's location and lifestyle.


With students in this program being spread throughout the globe, our career services team is dedicated to personalize the hiring needs for various location. Our hiring team has helped place grads around the world - from Amsterdam to LA to fully-remote roles. The team is excited by working with broader group of engineers and expanding the Codesmith network even farther!

The secret to interviewing is practice, practice, practice! You will work through advanced algorithm challenges throughout the whole program and have numerous mock interviews and whiteboarding sessions to prepare you to think on the spot and keep calm under pressure.

Interviewing over the phone


You will partake in a mock interview day where Codesmith alumni give back to the community by conducting mock interviews, followed by substantial feedback sessions.

Technical Interviewing Strategies


You have dedicated hours to mock whiteboarding sessions, behavioral interviews, technical interviews and interview strategy workshops within the program. You will develop an understanding of an interviewer’s mindset by interviewing your peers and providing valuable feedback.

Preparing for the job search takes much more than just interview prep. Codesmith works with you to put your best foot forward on your resume and online profiles.



Codesmith students come from a broad range of industries before landing in Codesmith. You will spend time in roundtables, learning from industry leaders and working through 5+ versions of your resume.

Online Profiles


As a software engineer, online profiles are equally important as your resume. Attend seminars and workshops to build a professional and powerful presence on your GitHub (filled with your awesome projects), LinkedIn and other networking profiles.

Codesmith hiring support extends long after graduation - with many graduates coming back for advice on their second, third, or fourth job! You will work with the Codesmith team and community after graduating to learn about job search tips, up-to-date interview best practices, negotiation strategies, and networking opportunities.

Biweekly Meeting


One of the many aspects of Codesmith’s career services are check-ins post graduation. Take advantage of meeting up with your graduating class to share experiences, interview tips, and get feedback from the Codesmith team!

Negotiation Strategies


Job offers can be really confusing, especially if you come from a nontechnical background. You will have complete access to industry experts to truly understand your offer, from your salary to your benefits to your equity. Discuss negotiating strategies to not only land your dream job, but also an awesome salary package!

Open Source Products Built by Codesmith Students

Reactime logo

Reactime was created to help developers optimize and debug their React applications. Reactime remedies the increasingly difficult pain point of managing state with a Chrome extension that makes the development environment more accessible and comfortable.

Read Article

ReacType logo

“The beauty of ReacType is that you can use it in parallel with create-react-app or other boilerplate code generators. Instead of exporting an entire application from ReacType, you can simply export your components into an existing project.”

Read Article

Aesop logo

Aesop was created by Codesmith students and absorbed into the Storybook ecosystem where it has continued to be maintained by the Storybook folks.

Periqles logo

Periqles is a React component library for Relay and Apollo that makes it easy to collect user input. Periqles abstracts away the dirty work of form creation with override switches built in for the design-conscious developer so you can be free to focus on business logic.

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Atmos logo

"Atomos integrates seamlessly with React DevTools to provide real-time visualization and facilitate the planning and debugging of a React/Recoil application’s structure and state... Atomos saves developers time and energy by taking the guesswork out of the state management debugging process."

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Awarded Best Coding Bootcamp

Codesmith is honored to be ranked as Top Coding Bootcamp by leading authorities on Software Engineering Immersive education and the coding bootcamp industry! The awards are granted based on reviews from our students and alumni.

best_online_bootcamp_green_2021-d38724fcaba3e1501f214655ad6df961ac2e3d9334197210f33591df1cb9bffb (2) (1)

Course Report

“Before Codesmith, I was a college-educated minimum, wage worker. Within a year of starting my programming journey, I have gotten two six-figure salary offers, and relationships with people that will last a lifetime.”

Career Karma Best Coding Bootcamp


“I can honestly say that, having gone here, I've changed my life for the better. I didn't have much of a coding background at all before coming here, but after my 3+ months at Codesmith I feel confident and happy in my abilities.”

Switchup Best Coding Bootcamp


“They give you the tools to continue to grow beyond the end of the 12-week program so you'll have the mindset of a real software engineer and not just another 'bootcamp grad.’”


Where Codesmith Graduates Have Been Hired

Codesmith helps graduates land mid and senior level software engineering positions with our extensive hiring support. Graduates are hired at some of the most influential companies around the world, including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Hulu, Snap, and many more.


Fostering an engaging, online community has been one of our core objectives since Codesmith first started. We're excited to offer our flagship program to a broader audience in an accessible format.

Chelsea De La Grana

Chelsea De La Grana

Director of Programs

The Remote Classroom Experience

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

Like our other online programs & workshops, we will be utilizing Zoom as the online platform. This is designed to mirror our onsite experience, meaning you will still have interactive lectures, pair programming sessions, and team building exercises!

technical mentorship teacher and student

You will have access to the same resources you’d have in the Full-Time Onsite Immersive, just in a remote setting! From 1-on-1s to group mentorship sessions to specified Q&A time and more, students will get a personalized learning experience and encouraging mentorship.


Codesmith takes pride in the supportive community it fosters in the full-time and we expect the part-time, remote program to be no different. Through Saturday Shout-outs & Snacks, Circles (a time dedicated to not think about coding!), and Questions of the Day, the cohort will engage with each other through non-coding activities to bond and create real connections, allowing for a collaborative and empathetic culture.

Talk with an advisor

Codesmith Culture

A core part of Codesmith is the supportive community and that is no different in our online programs. The culture will continue to be engaging, empathetic, and welcoming. Through a variety of exercises, such as Saturday Shout Outs & Snacks, which is a time when students express their gratitude for their peers who have gone above and beyond, the environment will provide the encouragement and motivation to succeed.

Female coder
Team Project
Students working in office
Home office
Working outside
Working on computer
Doing coding challenges
Codesmith student whiteboarding

Upcoming Global Part-Time Remote Immersive Software Engineering Immersive Dates

M-Th 5-8pm PT
Sat 9am-3pm PT

Waitlist Only


Applications closed

M-Th 5-8pm PT
Sat 9am-3pm PT


Application deadline: Jan 13

Initial interview deadline: Jan 27

Technical interview deadline: Feb 11

Coding Resources for Admissions

Writing JavaScript on Laptop


Free JavaScript Learning Platform

From your first 15 hours of coding to your advanced preparation for Codesmith - CSX has courses, coding challenges, mentors and a community for you.

Start coding now

Group of students in lecture

JavaScript for Beginners

Remote, Part-Time Introductory Program

This online, part-time course is a perfect way to kick off your coding education. It's great for those who have never coded, or who are looking to fully cement the fundamental concepts.

Learn More

Female writing code on whiteboard


2-week, Part-time, Online Bootcamp Prep Course

CS Prep teaches core JavaScript concepts through live-online instruction, daily challenges, and technical interview practice, designed to prepare you for top coding bootcamps.

Learn More

Group of students in lecture-1


Hosted Weekly in LA, NYC, and Online

Codesmith workshops break down critical coding concepts for all experience levels to help you learn JavaScript and prepare for top coding bootcamps.

See Upcoming Events


Attend JavaScript the Hard Parts Online!

The best way to prepare for our Part Time Remote immersive program is by joining us for our Online JavaScript the Hard Parts workshops.

The JavaScript concept covered in these workshops rotate through a series of eight topics and they are taught by our Lead Instructors. This is a great place to meet other remote community members that are preparing for our programs to find potential pair programming partners.

Experience our online teaching style

Start preparing for admissions by learning about Higher Order Functions & Callbacks in JavaScript, taught by CEO, Will Sentance, and exerpience Codesmith's unique teaching style of going under-the-hood.

Tuition Options

Tuition for Codesmith’s Software Engineering Immersive programs is $19,950 for any cohorts beginning in 2022. For any cohorts beginning in 2023, tuition will be $20,925.

We provide a range of options to help you finance your education, including payment plans, loan partners and scholarships.

Please contact your Admissions Coordinator or email us at hello@codesmith.io if you have any questions, or schedule a call with an academic advisor regarding your specific situation.


Once you’ve been accepted, a deposit is needed to secure a spot in your desired cohort, then pay the remainder by the 1st day of the cohort.

- $2,500 deposit and $17,450 due by day 1.


Codesmith offers a payment plan that breaks down tuition into monthly payments. A deposit is required to secure your spot once you’ve been accepted, a down payment before the 1st day of the cohort and then eight equal monthly payments for the remainder of your tuition amount:

- $2,500 deposit + $2,750 down payment by the 1st day of the cohort + 8 monthly payments of $1,837.50


Codesmith works with Ascent Funding, a student financing solution to provide affordable options for both short term and multi-year loans. In addition to your full tuition, you can also borrow for living expenses and choose options where you can make no payments or pay only interest while you study and for the three months after you graduate.

Learn more about Ascent Funding offerings here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program differ from the in person program?

Besides the timing and the location, this program will be identical to the full-time, onsite Software Engineering Immersive. The core curriculum, the projects, the hiring support, and the collaborative culture will all be converted into the remote, part-time program that will take place over 38 weeks (~9 months).

Are there certain tools that you recommend having to complete the program?

In order to whiteboard effectively we recommend having an iPad and iPencil or similar drawing device. We've seen this greatly improve collaboration between partners. If you have questions about this please reach out to our admissions team.

What initiatives are you doing to maintain your strong sense of community?

To ensure the students are still in an engaging and empathic environment, we will be bringing some of the onsite culture initiatives to the online setting! For example, our Monday Family Dinner where students give shout outs to those who went above and beyond in the last week will occur as “Saturday Shout Out & Snacks” break. We also still have Circles and other various non-coding focused activities as team-building activities and mental breaks.

What is the admissions process?

The admissions process begins with our online application, including a few short essays questions and an optional coding challenge. When you submit your application, an admissions team member will reach out to you for next steps if its a good fit. We require every student to do 2 interviews - one non-technical and one technical interview. The non-technical interview focuses on understanding your background and goals, as well as getting to know your personality and habits. After the non-technical interview, you may be invited back for the technical interview. This goes far beyond just your JavaScript skills - we also look for good problem-solving skills, technical communication, nontechnical communication, and how you handle hitting blocks.

What diversity initiatives does Codesmith have?

Diversity is a top priority at Codesmith. Through partnerships with We Build Black, Women in Tech International, Lesbians Who Tech, implicit bias workshops for students on-site, and scholarships for those underrepresented in the tech industry, Codesmith is committed to evening the playing field. Check out our inclusivity and diversity page for more info.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! We offer scholarships for women, LGBTQ, minorities in tech (defined as Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander or Native American), veterans and those have have attended a bootcamp before Codesemith. Additionally, we offer the Codesmith Scholarship for those who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, and serve their community. Scholarship applications must be submitted 14 days prior to your desired start date. Scholarship applications are given out after you are admitted into the program.

How does the remote classroom work?

Codesmith uses several platforms to facilitate your online classroom experience. You’ll receive access and instructions before the course begins on what you’ll need to have installed. The classroom environment allows you to ask questions during the lecture, collaborate with other students, and personalize your own learning experience through annotation and note taking capabilities.

Does the immersive program tuition increase yearly?

The Software Engineering Immersive programs typically increase up to 5% on January 1st of each year. The tuition for all open cohorts can be found in the Tuition & Scholarships section.

What is the cancelation and rescheduling policy for interviews?

Interviews can be easily canceled and rescheduled using the links in the Google Calendar event for the interview. Interviews must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. For technical interviews, if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice or if you are a no-show, that may count as an interview attempt. Please note that your interviewer will wait in the Google Meet for a maximum of five minutes - after 5 minutes, you will be considered a no-show.