Free Structured Learning Journey to JavaScript

Start learning JavaScript and begin the journey towards Codesmith.

Units 1-3 will prepare you for most coding bootcamps. For Codesmith you should additionally complete Units 4-6 and all extensions (40+ hours).

100+ hours of challenges
Online & in-person workshops
Video solutions for exercises
Office hours and Slack community
Unit 1: Functions and Execution Context
  • Prereqs challenge self-assessment
  • 30+ challenges
  • Workshop (Fundamentals of Programming)
1-2 hours
Unit 2: Callbacks & Higher-Order Functions
  • Map, Reduce, Filter
  • 13 challenges & 2.5 hrs of lecture video
  • Workshop (JSHP 1)
2-4 hours
  • Closure with lexical scope and the backpack
  • 12 challenges and 2.5hrs of lecture video
  • Workshop (JSHP 2)
2-4 hours
Bonus Unit: Pair Programming
Unit 4: Recursion
Bonus Unit: Problem Solving
JavaScript Web Dev Project: Chrome Extension
Unit 5: Object-oriented JavaScript (coming soon)
Unit 6: Asynchronous JavaScript (coming soon)
Bootcamp Prep Track
  • Units 1-3
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • JS the Hard Parts workshop - Callbacks
Codesmith Admission Track
  • Units 1-6
  • JS the Hard Parts - Callbacks, Closures, Recursion
  • Pair-programming & close work on technical communication
Open Learning
  • All units after Unit 1 can be tackled independently
  • CSX Projects focus on web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
Start Learning with Unit 1

CSX is an immersive online and in-person community with coding challenges, workshops, pair-programming and online discussion and mentorship

100+ hours of online challenges

Lectures covering JavaScript and programming concepts with accompanying challenges to test your grasp of the material

Live online pair-programming

Learn as part of a community of coders around the world with live online pair-programming

Live workshops and office hours online and in-person

Workshops from leading Codesmith software engineers and instructors that go under the hood of JavaScript. These workshops are part lecture part pair programming to cement the concepts

CSX Scholar is a structured 4 week version of CSX with one-on-one mentorship, onboarding and learning goals and expectations

The program has no cost but is application-based

The next Scholar cohort start date is TBA

Apply to CSX Scholar program