Free Structured Learning Journey to JavaScript

CSX is the ideal way to start learning JavaScript and begin the journey towards Codesmith. Units 1-5 (30-50 hours) are a great preparation for most bootcamps. For Codesmith it is recommended that you work through the extension challenges & Units 6-8 (40+ hours).

100+ hours of curriculum & challenges
Workshops & pair-programming
Video solutions for exercises
Office hours and Slack community
  • How to become a software engineer
  • Pre-requisites for CSX
  • CSX Curriculum overview
  • CSX Repl
  • Online & in-person CSX-Community
  • CSX Solutions and Approaches
  • Prereqs challenge self-assessment
  • 30+ challenges
  • Workshop (Fundamentals of Programming)
1-2 hours Explore
  • Map, Reduce, filter
  • 13 challenges & 2.5hrs of lecture video
  • Workshop (JSHP 1)
2-4 hours Explore
  • Learning how to learn
  • The power of pair programming approach
  • How to pair program
2-4 hours Explore
  • Closure with lexical scope and the backpack
  • 12 challenges and 2.5hrs of lecture video
  • Workshop (JSHP 2)
2-4 hours Explore
  • Recursion, parameters as storage, and performance
  • 4 challenges, solution videos, and 1.5hrs of lecture video
  • Workshop (Recursion - A Deep Dive)
2-5 hours Explore
Overview of how we're going to build a useful productivity tool from scratch
  • Introduction to the DOM
  • Manipulating the DOM manually with chrome dev tools
  • Use JavaScript to remove the element
  • Creating and configuring a manifest file
  • Inserting our DOM manipulation code in the JS file
  • Running the unpackaged extension in chrome
  • Introducing jQuery for DOM manipulation
  • Dependencies: Adding jQuery into manifest
  • Adding CSS
  • Introduce the JS engine and how it fits in the browser setup
  • Asynchronous callbacks - web APIs, event queue
  • Using Unsplash API to return a random image each time we load
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