Our Mission

To develop the most exceptional group of software engineers - technically brilliant, incredible collaborators, passionate about building, and supportive of their community.

The impact can be extraordinary: a generation of engineers working at the world's best companies who are ready to build great products. We need people to help create this generation of engineers and to be at its core.

We have a beautiful open space in Playa Vista, California

With balconies overlooking Ballona Wildlife Reserve on one side and Google and Facebook's Southern California HQs on the other.

Codesmith Office Space
Codesmith Office Balcony

Open Positions

Senior Data Science Engineer and Instructor

Codesmith has created an environment of excellence and community unparalleled in software engineering education. We are the best performing and top-rated software engineering school in the US, achieving 96% of graduates hired with an average annual salary of $103k.

We do this with a tight-knit team and student body in Los Angeles, based on the Oxford University paradigm of mentorship and independent learning.

We are now bringing this same groundbreaking approach to developing data scientists and machine learning specialists

The role

  • Develop and give lectures on Python, R, Statistics (Regression, Classification, Bayesian analysis, Clustering), Information theory, Machine Learning, Deep learning and neural networks 
  • Develop curriculum, challenges and projects around the topics of data science and machine learning 
  • Apply innovative pedagogical approach based in the Oxford University model of mentorship and teaching to the topics of data science 
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to individual students on challenges and broader capstone projects

Professional Development

Codesmith Senior Instructors and Engineers are industry experts and continue to accelerate their development as part of the team:

  • Experiment with new approaches and tools as part of developing the best possible curriculum 
  • Contribute to open source data science projects and research as part of Codesmith’s original contributions to the wider research community 
  • Grow as an engineer and leader by teaching and mentoring a group of exceptional students building sophisticated projects


  • Experience in professional data science or software engineering role 
  • PhD (or equivalent experience) in quantitative or data science role 
  • Deep understanding and ability to communicate core Python, Database, Data science, ML, data engineering, Machine Learning and Deep learning concepts 
  • Exceptional communication ability - both technical and and non-technical 
  • Commitment to mentorship and growing others

That's the essence of being part of the Codesmith team - understanding deeply where we're going and then having creative freedom to get us there.