Sam Claney

By Sam Claney

April 12, 2017

As Codesmith strives to be a hub of engineering excellence in Los Angeles, we’re always exploring new ways to bring technologies through our doors to help students stay fully immersed in the idea that one is never finished learning. The tech industry is giving rise to dozens of new industries that are all massive in their own right, and with new platforms and inventions over every horizon, we’re dedicated to helping our students be on the cutting edge of every powerful new innovation.

Brandon using VR studio

Because of this, Codesmith has built a Virtual Reality studio for students to explore and build with, in hopes that it will bring about new waves of creativity amongst our students. The VR industry has grown substantially in the last 4 years, and with Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and more investing heavily in VR efforts, Codesmith students will be able to use this studio to familiarize themselves with an entirely new field of software engineering.

Family using VR studio

The VR Studio was built by Codesmith Lead Technical Mentor, Weylin Wagnon, and now sits ready with a stockpile of games and experiences that allow students to experience the new heights of immersion the technology has to offer. Our studio consists of an HTC Vive, due to its continued support of both software and hardware developers, and is running on a NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card for peak performance.

I <3 VR sticker

Through hackathons, side projects, evening classes in Unity, and alumni expansion courses, this VR studio will stand as just one more path for the Codesmith student body to explore their creativity and technical excellence to create new and innovative experiences.