Sam Claney

By Sam Claney

April 26, 2017

In our commitment to thrive in the midst of the latest shifts in technology Codesmith has built and launched a part-time machine learning program. Machine learning is a subset of Data Science, which has quickly become one of the fastest growing areas in tech. Machine Learning plays a significant role in the advent of Data Science by creating software that teaches computers how to classify, organize, and make inferences from the massive amounts of data many tech companies deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Codesmith is dedicated to helping its students and grads grow in and explore any area of software engineering that they find passion, and because of this, we’ve built our own part-time machine learning program currently available exclusively to alumni. The program was built from the ground up by Codesmith Lead Technical Mentor, Weylin Wagnon, and Kush Kumar, a recent graduate from USC’s master’s program in Data Science. The two worked together tirelessly to create a syllabus that covers neural networks, image recognition, and more. The program is also built around Codesmith’s commitment to independent problem solving, and philosophy of learning through project building.

The machine learning program at Codesmith was launched as a 6 week course held 3 days a week on evenings and weekends so the Codesmith alumni could continue their work as full time software engineers at some of the top tech companies in Los Angeles. These alumni were admitted into Codesmith, and are returning now for this groundbreaking program because of their tireless passion to learn, grow, and innovate.