Haley Godtfredsen

By Haley Godtfredsen

June 16, 2017

webDSP, a recent production project created by Shahrod Khalkhali, Sandeep Pulusani, and Matthias Wagner, caused a big stir at Google I/O this year on the main stage.

Google’s Alex Danilo dove deep into WebAssembly, a newer and more efficient bytecode compile format for the web than JavaScript. Danilo used webDSP to “showcase what you can really do with WebAssembly” and described it as a “wonderful open source community project.”

webDSP is a client-side single processing library that utilizes the power of WebAssembly. The team spent their time at Codesmith creating high performant algorithms focused on media data. Though Codesmith focuses on JavaScript, they created webDSP in C++.

Their goal was to lay the groundwork for future Web Assembly developers and highlight the differences in performance between Web Assembly and vanilla JS through their demo video editor. Check out their project here.

webDSP was one of five other open source projects built by Codesmith’s 12th Cohort. Others include:

Reactide - an IDE for creating React applications with over 6,000 stars on GitHub

OverVue - a library for Vue applications with “asynchronous-first” state management

Offramp - a React library for simple routing of single page applications

YouDescribe - a YouTube companion application for users to describe video content for those with sight impairments in partnership with the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

Codesmith students continue to contribute innovative open source projects to the engineering community. With our recently added Machine Learning curriculum, we are excited to see what challenges students will take on next.