Sam Claney

By Sam Claney

May 25, 2016

Women, minorities and veterans are severely underrepresented in the technology community. Codesmith is committed to strengthening and growing a broad and deep community of software engineers from all backgrounds. The Codesmith scholarship is an important part of this commitment.

Women, Veterans, and underrepresented minorities are able to apply for a scholarship worth $4,300 towards Codesmith's 12 week immersive program, described by, Chad Depue, CTO of Whisper as 'the Master's Program of Coding Bootcamps'

Qualifying individuals accepted into Codesmith have made an impact on their community through work with organizations like Girl Develop it and Women Who Code. One such student is Jessica, who prepared for Codesmith by creating her own Facebook group, LA Coders, to grow in her learning and help others learn as well. The group now has over 150 active members and continues to encourage collaborative learning in the software engineering community.

Jessica Codesmith Student

"A component of Codesmith that always stood out to me was their emphasis on supporting underrepresented groups in tech. It was overwhelming at first to always be one of the few women at tech events. I found comfort in knowing that Codesmith would support me throughout my journey to become a software engineer."

- Jessica, Codesmith student

  • You must apply and be accepted to Codesmith through Codesmith's standard admissions process. Apply here.
  • The scholarship is awarded based on candidate's commitment to bringing the learning and capacities they develop at Codesmith to bear on their community.
  • To apply for these scholarships you must be a woman (of any race), a veteran (of any gender or any race), or an Underrepresented Minority (defined as African-American, Hispanic/Latino(a), Pacific Islander or Native American). - Read more about these here

What is Codesmith?

Codesmith is a community of people building with code. Students spend 90+ hours per week coding onsite preparing for Demo Day at the end of the Program. At Demo Day, 30+ LA and SF companies meet with the graduates for interviews. The average salary of grads from the most recent cohort is $107,500.

What do we look for in Codesmith candidates?

We look for five capacities in Codesmith candidates: analytical problem solving, technical communication, non-technical communication, engineering best practices and programming experience. Read more about what we look for in candidates for Codesmith

To prepare attend JavaScript the Hard Parts and join the Codesmith community of people learning to build with code