Dave Woolston

By Dave Woolston

December 23, 2015

Every student admitted to Codesmith comes with a unique and compelling story. Rico Moorer co-founded a start-up, and ran its Product team for a number of years.

While at his startup, Rico recalled times when his team faced shipping delays that could have been easily avoided if he better understood the technical implications of his decisions before he made them. Even worse, it was then difficult to explain what went wrong to non-technical members of the team.

“If I don’t understand the problem at a technical level, how can I explain it in a non-technical way?”

To remedy this ‘knowledge gap,’ Rico began looking into programming. Through his research, he stumbled upon Codesmith CTO Will Sentance’s workshop “JavaScript the Hard Parts” (an ongoing series which takes place Thursdays at Codesmith HQ). After attending a few JS events, Rico decided to fully commit to developing his engineering proficiency and began his application to Codesmith

Rico is now in the midst of his Production Project – the main student project at Codesmith, which enables students to use groundbreaking technology to build a major project from scratch and release it into 'production (because we all know users love to break things)

The project prepares students for their careers as advanced software engineers because it emulates the professional environment by allowing them the opportunity to gain real-world experience in producing for actual users. Rico and his team have built a remarkable tool for React.js developers, which solves one of the biggest development challenges all programmers face. If you would like to beta-test Rico and his team’s tool, please email us at admissions@codesmith.io or visit overreact.io

“I’m learning to navigate the unknown, and it’s a lot less scary than I thought”

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