Babel's Transform Class Properties Plugin: How it Works and What it Means for your React Apps

Jacob Worrel
December 8, 2017

Today we’re going to explore a neat little Babel trick that’ll help you clean up your React code in a big way.

The Best Free Coding Resources in 2017

Kris Bowles
December 8, 2017

As a JavaScript beginner, narrowing down resources to learn from can be a daunting task. I recall jumping from source to source as there was so much content and as I wanted to ensure I was spending my time with the most appropriate content I jumped from place to place trying to evaluate everything I came across. While I ended up not using my time in the most efficient way, I did end up with plenty of insight as to what resources seemed to work the best. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will hopefully help you get some quality FREE experience up front.

Using WebWorkers for a Multithreaded Browser

Mark Romano
December 8, 2017

Browsers run JavaScript in a single-threaded fashion, meaning the event loop is managed by a single stack. More plainly, only one JavaScript script can be run at a time. Callbacks, Promises, Generators, and the Async Await feature is a way to circumvent this behavior, but by using a Web Worker you can switch JavaScript from a from a single-threaded to multi-threaded environment!

React-Redux Basics

Michael Kullinski
December 8, 2017

First, there is a difference between React-Redux and Redux. Redux is a predictable state container for ANY Javascript application. Whether you’re using Angular, Ember or vanilla Javascript.