A WebAssembly Future

Mark Romano
November 3, 2017

It’s worth having a discussion of WebAssembly’s asm.js roots, the current difficulty of compiling to the format for JS developers, and some cool features the good people over at Webpack are developing that will make compilation a cinch. This piece will do just that.

Binary Search Trees, Huffman Codes, and Lossless Compression

Ryan Smith
November 2, 2017

Here’s a somewhat mundane (maybe even boring?) question: How does your computer store the character ‘a’?

React: Playing with Fiber

Steven Meads
November 2, 2017

For React developers who have anxiously been awaiting the release of React Fiber, wait no more. The React team officially published React Fiber(beta) just last month (July 24), and without a doubt it has many developers itching to know what the new features are, and what makes Fiber so great. This article aims to provide a brief look into some of Fiber's breakthrough features and offer some additional resources for getting acquainted with Fiber.

Algorithms and Drawing

Max Marcus
November 2, 2017

Humans are largely visual creatures. Try to complete an ordinary task with your eyes closed — not only will you struggle, you’re likely to feel some sort of anxiety increase. When you first learn to read, you use picture books. Pictures make things easier to understand, simple as that. Yet as programmers, there’s a tendency to use pictures and visualizations sparingly. Especially if they aren’t provided to us. When it comes to algorithms, drawing a solution can be much easier than coding one. But why not use that drawing as a basis for your code?