While Codesmith is typically known for its Software Engineering Immersive programs, we also host a variety of free weekly workshops, facilitate an online free learning platform called CSX, and aim to provide accessible learning opportunities for everyone through our YouTube channel

Our online community has grown tremendously over the past year. Over 11K people attended our free remote workshops, the CSX Slack community has over 9K members from around the world. Now we’re so excited to reach a new milestone—10K+ subscribers on our YouTube channel.  

To celebrate the growth of Codesmith and the Codesmith community, we are excited to introduce $10K for 10K: a new scholarship opportunity specifically offered to our YouTube subscribers.

As Codesmith’s community continues to grow, we are excited to support more people around the world by offering accessible learning opportunities. Through the $10K for 10K initiative, an additional $10,000 have been added to the Codesmith Scholarship Fund - our main fund that supports underrepresented communities in the tech industry. 

The $10K for 10K  scholarship will recognize subscribers to our YouTube channel, allowing them to take their learning one step further by receiving a full-tuition scholarship to one of our prep programs - JavaScript for Beginners or CS Prep. The 10 JavaScript for Beginners and 8 CS Prep scholarships are eligible for cohorts starting in 2022 and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. To qualify, all you need to do is subscribe to Codesmith’s YouTube channel and apply to your preferred  prep program.

Steps to Apply for the $10K for 10K Scholarship

Video Lecture Recordings on YouTube

STEP 1: Visit our YouTube channel, subscribe, and stay a while!

Become an expert in Core Programming Concepts with CS Prep

STEP 2: Apply to either JSB or CS Prep cohorts that start in 2022. You have to be admitted to these programs to apply for the $10K for 10K scholarship, so we encourage you to submit your application as early as possible!


While you might already be familiar with Codesmith’s software-engineering immersive programs, which deal with complex concepts in JavaScript on day one, JavaScript for Beginners and CS Prep programs allow students to start from more beginner-friendly concepts. 

Both programs are part-time and will teach you core programming concepts through live, online instruction, daily problem-solving workshops, and a passionate coding community. 

JavaScript for Beginners (JSB), is just that: in two days of live instruction, you can quickly go from never having written a line of code before, to having the tools needed for a solid foundation in coding fundamentals, working with concepts ranging from Variables and primitive data types to Loops and Control Flows. 

CS Prep  picks up where JSB leaves off. Spread out over two weeks, this course deals with more complex concepts in JavaScript, such as Higher-Order Functions & Callbacks, as well as Closures. In CS Prep, you’ll gain necessary skills in problem-solving and effective technical communication through live instruction and working through coding challenges with a team. 

Students also gain valuable experience in building with code by completing two different projects. These tools will not only help you to strengthen your foundations in JavaScript, but may lead you to take another step in your coding journey, preparing you for the technical interview required to enter the immersive program. If you pass the assessment at the end of CS Prep, you’re able to bypass the application and initial interview for the immersive and advance to the technical interview stage.



Videos are posted regularly to our YouTube channel on a variety of programming concepts. You may have heard of, or even attended, a JavaScript the Hard Parts or Intro to Javascript workshop before—but if you missed one, or want to revisit these concepts, you can watch them at any time. 

We also publish event recordings and many more educational videos with Codesmith instructors, so whether you have five minutes or two hours, you can find something informative, exciting, and suited to your skill level at any time.